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“Bodyscapes” by Jean-Paul Bourdier a Book Review

Body Painting Books, Bodyscapes, Jean-Paul, Bourdier, Jean-Paul Bourdier, Bodypaint, Body, Painting, Body decor, art nude, coffee table book

The images, in this 12″x12″x1″ coffee table book represent an effective minimalist approach to painting body and background and capturing the result in spectacular photographs set in starkly remote locations of the vast landscapes of the beautiful American West.

Jean-Paul Bourdier’s “Bodyscapes” is 160 pages of spectacular photographs of set in Western Landscapes and of Painted Bodies.

Frequent readers will already be well aware of my fondness for the painted human form.

This book is an excellent and unique addition to my body paint photo book library.

Bourdier’s figures, as seen in the example of silver body paint and orange died hair on the book’s cover, are often painted in monotone or a duotones of geometric shapes or solidish whole body coverings. 

These painted figures are  placed into the stark beauty of Western landscapes, like salt flats, desert vistas or blended into rock forms. 

The color pallet of the paints will tend to either contrast with, or blend into Bourider’s scenic vistas.

For example, sometimes he might paint a blue sky with white clouds onto a body, and have it blend into the actual sky, or perhaps will paint the lower portion of a figure similar to his foreground, and will have the upper portions of the figure painted to blend into the sky, complete with a horizon painted onto the body.

Bourdier does not limit his paint to only bodies.  

Jean-Paul will paint with broad, often bright or primary colors onto the landscape itself. 

He might carry this paint, from the earth onto his model’s body, in a continuous line of paint, from actual foreground continued onto the model’s form … splendid!

Other paint schemes include geometric patterns, like brightly contrasting checkerboards, or the occational simple geometric prop may be included as a further point of interest.

Also not to be over looked, hidden in an unobstrusive CD envelope inside the back cover of the book, is a 20 minute DVD video by Trinh T. Minha entitled “Bodies of the Desert.”

Trinh’s videography of Bourdier painting his models and landscapes and photographing his images is alone worth the price of this book.   

In “Bodies of the Desert,” we see why all the of the books images are square …  Bourdier is shooting medium format on a tripod.  

Probably makes for some amazing blow ups, ya think?

We also see how paints are applied, by finger, brush and even wind.  Fantastic.

I recommend “Bodyscapes” to any lover of art nude photography, particularly with an outdoor bend, or to those lovers of body paint who are looking for an effective minimalist expression of this art form.

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