“Body Painting, Masterpieces” by Joanne Gair foreword by Heidi Klum – Book Review

Body Painting  Masterpieces by Joanne Gair by Joanne Gair forward by Heidi Klum Front Cover Demi Moore Bodypainted, Nude,  in Mans Suit, with Red Tie, Vanity Fair, Cover Art

Body Painting Masterpieces by Joanne Gair by Joanne Gair forward by Heidi Klum Front Cover


Body Painting, Masterpieces,”  © 2006 by Joanne Gair, is a wonderful photo book, all of lovely body painted, decorated and made up beauties.

Many of these beauties just happen to be very very famous.   Note for example, the photo on the cover …

At 12 inches by 9 inches, with 156 pages, we have a teenie tiny brief foreword by Heidi Klum.

This is followed by large photographs.  Photographs are comprising the bulk of the book’s almost 1 (one) inch thick contents.

Most photos are almost full page sized images, along with a several two page spreads thrown in for good measure.

Where the images are not quite full page sized, there may be a 1 inch margin or so.

Sometimes, with the full page pieces, the obverse page will contain only a title for its adjacent image.

Towards the back of the book, are plates with thumb nails for all the images the book, along with a paragraph of details, such as:  the photographer, the model, bit of back story, and so on …

If you love body paint, you will be loving this book. As it says in the title, most of the images truly are masterpieces…

In the PAINT, The complete body-painting collection from the SI Swimsuit Issue, The Art of Joanne Gair, by Editors of Sports Illustrated © 2007 Front Cover Heidi Klum Nude in Body Paint on Beach in Sun, Blonde

You many recall we reviewed: “In the PAINT, The complete body-painting collection from the SI Swimsuit Issue, The Art of Joanne Gair,”  recently, see article and more about Gair by clicking here.

In the PAINT” is a  considerably pricier bodypaint book showcasing Gair’s work in a much more commercial way very narrowly focused on the Sports Illustrated body painted on swimsuits.

By comparison, “Body Painting, Masterpieces” contains much more of Gair’s best works, including some body decors and several images using fabulous makeup.

If I were to have only one book on bodypaint

Body Painting, Masterpieces” would be the volume I would love to buy, keep, own and have.

This book is full of stunning body painted images, nude but for the paint what’s on them, of Elle McPherson, Heidi Klum, Pamela Anderson and Rachel Hunter.

Some of my favorites are of a bust up shot by Photographer Matthew Rolston of a Golden painted Goldie Hawn and two series with Demi Moore.

'Demi's Birthday Suit', Demi Moore, Vanity Fair, Magazine, 1992, Cover, Body Paint, BodyPaint

‘Demi’s Birthday Suit’ Demi Moore, Vanity Fair Magazine 1992 Cover


The cover art, by Annie Leibovitz, has Demi painted into a men’s suit and came to prominence when it graced the 1992 “Vanity Fair Magazine” cover.

Matthew Ralston’s series with Demi painted in various forms of a marionette, mannequin or Barbie doll, with eyes painted onto her closed eyelids keeps bringing me back again and again.

Truly, these illusions are captivatingly complete.

These and so many other images, I feel, make “Body Painting, Masterpieces” the must own image book on body paint.

New, the book is available for only $12-13 on Amazon by clicking here.

Among the other star photographers whose works are showcased are Michel Comte, David LaChapelle, Herb Ritts, Howard Schatz, and Mark Seliger.

Showcased in “Body Painting, Masterpieces” are many of the best of Gair’s extraordinary collaborations which have made their impact on the pop culture in the form of Body Paint’s current surge in popularity in bars, clubs, parties, and yes … many many photographs.

Personally, I am and have been a lover of body paint for years and have been influenced by these works of Gair’s as much as and perhaps a bit more than the next guy.

You may have noticed body paint influences in my work, on this blog or in my portfolio – click here to view my portfolio, which is hosted on a SmugMug powered site.

Short on words, long on photographs, “Body Painting, Masterpieces” is first and foremost a photo book

These photos showcase Joanne’s ability to airbrush on the paint and makeup, the model’s ability to pose and emote, and the photographer’s ability to use lighting, setting, and camera.

If you love or enjoy body paint,  “Body Painting, Masterpieces,” may be the must have book for your coffee table or special book shelf.  I recommend it without reservation.

You may buy or peruse one on Amazon by clicking here.

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