‘Body Knots’ by Photographer Howard Schatz – Book Review

Body Knots, Howard Schatz,  Front CoverBody Knots‘ © 2000 by photographer Howard Schatz is a 144 page photo book of images of bodies.

We have seen bodies of dancers in Schatz’s works with his underwater book series and in ‘Nude Body Nude.’

In ‘Body Knots‘ dancers are again providing Schatz with the body awareness, discipline, sculpted muscle tone, sheer physical stamina and outright flexibility required to tie groups of intermingled models’ bodies into human knot forms.

Dancers art Nude

Home Run

These tied masses of bodies Schatz then photographs generally using extremely wide-angle perspectives.

This is some of my favorite kind of photography.

Body Knots, Art Nude, Schatz

Great Body Knot - Obvious Photoshop

Lines and forms of beautiful bodies, recognizable as such, by tell-tale hints of familiar parts, … and yet with angular and perspective distortions which increase the draw and interest.

We have seen much of Schatz’s other works on GlamourPhotography.co.

His prolific works include:

Body Knots‘ is a good sized 12.5 x 11 x 0.75 inches and is mostly photographs.

Beverly Ornstein, Schatz’s wife receives a photographer credit.

Owen Edwards has written a brief foreword where in we are treated to a bit of the patter Schatz engages in while tieing his models into knots for his camera.

Black and White Dancer art Nude

Obvious Montage, see how dancer on upper left is same as dancer is on upper right

There are little other written details and lots and lots of photographs.  We see that Hasselblad receives a thank you credit.  Many photos are not square format, so we might surmise Hasselblad was not the main or only camera technology used here.

Most photographs are full-page.  Some a bit less, some spilling a bit more, sometimes into full two page spreads.

While I love certain of the images, and find inspiration for body knot tieing in perhaps most images, Schatz has gone, IMHO a bit too computer color enhancement happy.

Body Knots, Howard Schatz, Rear CoverTo increase his ability to tie more human knot forms with ease, he has done quite a bit of collaging and computer color adding to his images.

This has worked in some images, however, I feel it has been over done in many images.

There is often color bleed over, that is, halos of color, which on study, serve to suspend the otherwise excellent illusions Schatz has created, just by virtue of the knot forms and wide-angle perspectives.

This does not mean that computer enhancements were a complete miss.  In several images, enhancements and all, the images just plain work.  Complete home runs.

And, we can often learn as much, if not more, from excesses and miss takes than from just viewing perfection alone.

As my purpose in reading to often to learn, the images I did not prefer have things to teach, for which lessons I am extremely grateful.

Body Knots‘ is an inspiration for what can be done in tieing the human form into interesting arrangements for photographic purposes.

Body Knots, Nude Dancers, Art Nude, Howard Schatz

Fantastic Image, Superb forms, The photoshop works here

Keeping in mind there are images which you too may feel miss the mark, if you are a fan of art nude and unusual perspectives, ‘Body Knots‘ is a most excellent choice.

If you are looking for a book of more constancy of  hits by Schatz, consider instead or also “H2O” in his water series and “Nude Body Nude” for his figure art nude works.

To buy a new or used copy of “Body Knots” on Amazon, click here.

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