“A Model Summer” by Paulina Porizkova – Book Review

A Model Summer, Paulina, PorizkovaPaulina Porizkova’s book “A Model Summer” is a look into the modeling world of young girls in Europe.

The main setting is the Paris fashion scene in the Summer of 1980.

Our protagonist is 15-year-old Jirina, pronounced Yee-Ree-Na.

Jirina is a Swedish born and raised ugly ducking of a girl.

She stumbles out of her element, ostracized for being a misbegotten immigrant ‘communist’  she is subject to teen age teasing, child of divorced dysfunctional Czech refugee parents.

A wisp of a girl with a miserable childhood … she stumbles and bumbles her way toward the possible discovery of her swanhood … or towards her ultimate failure and demise as the wretch her whole existence has to this point conspired to convince her of as her true self …

I bought this book thinking, before diving in and purchasing … that it was a bit of autobiography by Paulina.

Paulina Porizkova was an amazing fashion model in the 1980s.

Rising quickly to the top of fashion modeling’s pinnacle, Paulina Porizkova was a household name and grocery store check out line icon.

Paulina had written an online article regarding her bout with anti depressants which I felt was a fairly brilliant style. And, so I also learned she had written a book, with “model” in the tittle …

From this article, I believe she has decided to feel and experience life more fully and so has left the numb numb pills in her past.

I also learned Paulina can write.

This is writing is the story of the Paris before cell phones.

A 15-year-old young girl, who has hardly seen the world, is set loose close to penniless to find her way in the catty world of top models in the fashion capital of metropolitan Paris.

Paulina gives some insights as to what goes on in the heads of young girls who would be our subjects, muses, our very icons.

An interesting and tangentially informative read for those of us engaged in the glamour arts.

I enjoyed and recommend Paulina’s “A Model Summer“.

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