1000 Dessous, A History of Lingerie, Lingerie, Book Cover, Front Cover, Taschen

“1000 Dessous, A History of Lingerie” by Gilles Néret – Taschen – Book Review

1000 Dessous, A History of Lingerie, Lingerie, Book Cover, Front Cover, TaschenTaschen Publishing’s “1000 Dessous, A History of Lingerie” by Gilles Néret is a lovely romp through the lingerie drawers of yore, from hoop skirts and corsets of the 1700’s and 1800’s, through to lace and frills of the roaring 20’s and on into the semi classic era of Hollywood, and European film undies, or lack there of, of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

This is a fun book told largely in pictures, with just enough captioning to make heads and tails of the bits of unmentionables mentioned…

Dessous, is French for underneath – beneath – underside – bottom – disadvantage … from here is an easy leap to sexy undies,…  Yes?

1000 Dessous” is full of photos and drawings of lovelies in lingerie, going back from the late 1900’s back into the 1700’s

The pieces from the 1700’s are largely various forms of sketch art pieces.

The 1800’s and early 1900’s have lots of black and white period photos and some drawings.  Some of these are of the item.  Many have the item on a model.

American, Maternity, CorsetThe second half of the last century, 1950 and forward, has a mix of color and black and white photos.   Many of these, with little else, adorn famous movie stars.

This is 3 pound thick book, 2″ x 5.5″ x 8″ in size and almost 600 pages.

Most pages have one or two illustrations and/or photos along with a sentence or two of captioning here and there.

There are photos of many of the movie stars we knew and… you know, loved…

Brigitte Bardot is in a lot of shots…

Brigitte Bardot, 1958, Paying in Kind, Lawyer in Kind, Censored, Shot, Bare, Bottomed
En Cas de Malheur, Bardot offering to pay her lawyer in kind (left), Paying off (right), Censored Frame (center)

Jack Nickolson, is in a shot between actress Jessica Lang’s legs removing her panties in a scene censored from the 1981 movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice“.

There are many censored scenes…

There are shots of panties and bras, negligees and nighties, stockings and corsets, pantyhose and garters, brassieres and petticoats, get the book and you’ll get the pictures …

Love Sophia Loren?  There are shots of Sophia in movies, and off-screen, showing quite a bit of leg, thigh even …Sophia Loren, Bare Thighs, Garters, Garter Belt, Stockings, Off Screen, Millionairess

If you are a lingerie aficionado and enjoy its history in photos and drawings, then “1000 Dessous” is an inexpensive treat for you.

It currently runs from $6.00 to $10.50 and is available on Amazon, by clicking here.



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  1. At the beginning of her career, Sophia Whoren did not wear any pants, because she had to take it off again and again.

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