Cyber Commander Flash Trigger and CyberSync Flash Remote System by Paul C. Buff

Buff has been my primary lighting supplier for a while now.  Generally, I have been quite pleased with the Buff strobe’s performance and ease of use and most especially their excellent customer service.  For triggers, I had not gone the route of Pocket Wizards which many pros and studios use.  Instead, I used the Yongnuo CTR-301P with two receiver set up.   The Yongnuo’s, being so much cheaper, seemed worth a try.

While the 301P’s work great with fresh batteries, as the batteries get weaker, there’s no low battery indicator.  With weak batteries the units start misfiring sporadically.   While the batteries work for hours and hours and days of use, there is no way to tell if batteries in the trigger, the slave or both are the issue, or if and they will start to go…   Continue reading Cyber Commander Flash Trigger and CyberSync Flash Remote System by Paul C. Buff

How to prepare yourself for a shoot

Pinup glamour girl hatbox telephone
Well prepared pinup

The process of preparing for a shoot is in and of itself a huge confidence builder.  What I have learned during my experience doing glamour photography in Phoenix is, when your confidence is higher, you are more relaxed and your shoots go swimmingly well.    

Preparation involves a mix of proper diet, skin care, posing practice and perhaps targeted exercise.   Proper preparation will have you at your best for your photo shoot.   


  • Hydrate by drinking plenty of water, it makes skin supple and fresher
  • Sleep and get a nice healthy refreshing dose of it, beauty sleep is real
  • Shave, wax or otherwise depilate 2-3 days before your shoot.  Plan to let skin rest a day or two before the shoot.   Pluck or otherwise shape eyebrows.   Remove mustaches and fine hairs on face.  Depilate fully excess coarse hairs on underarms, legs, bikinis, you get the picture… Continue reading How to prepare yourself for a shoot
  • John Foley Editorial Photography Shoot

    Breakfast at Tiffany's, San Carlos Hotel, Arizona
    Breakfast at Brenda's

    A great deal of what I have learned about glamour photography has been from the words, photographs and observation of other photographers.   As so much may be learned while quietly watching someone else work, I was fortunate, this past weekend, to have the honor and privilege of observing fellow Phoenix photographer John Foley as he was shooting one of his amazing editorial projects.

    It quickly became evident well ahead of the evening’s planned shoot, that John’s vision, attention to details and preparations were quite exact as to where, how, with what props, and what final pictures were intended to be captured.

    A Canon shooter, John used a Canon 50D SLR with a Canon 28mm F2.8 lens for this night shoot.

    John is fond of using and used for this night shoot a series of incandescent hot lights.  Each light is kept on an individual dimmer in order to adjust and control the quality of his lighting precisely.   These lights are often used at far less than full power and have various metal reflector dishes, from about 6 inch cones to something like a 10 inch curved dish.

    The location was outdoors.  We were in and around an old run down wooden building full of character.  It had holes in both roof and sidings through which holes John shined some of his lights to achieve just the right textured results he had in mind.  Continue reading John Foley Editorial Photography Shoot