Hair and Makeup Styling by Kevin Dinh Nguyen, San Francisco, CA

Kevin Nguyen styles hair and is a makeup artist in San Francisco, California.

Avante Garde, avante garde nail styling, copper tube, copper tubing, Hair Styling, Kevin Nguyen, makeup, multi media, Nail Styling, photo manipulation, Styling, crystal ball, matrixK.D Nguyen is licensed Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist and Nail Specialist.

As you can see in the samples here, Kevin’s work ranges from the elegant to the sublime.

Exotic Hair Styling, avant garde, Makeup, avant garde makeup, face painting, avant garde Hair, avant garde avant garde, Kevin Nguyen“I truly enjoy and appreciate every aspect of Art, either Clean Beauty, to Glamorous, to Retro, to Avant Garde, to High Fashion, to Extreme Fetish …

My inspirations have always been different types of flowers, the shapes of plants or trees.

Hair Styling, Makeup Artist, white powder makeup, male model, crow on shoulderWhen I need a new idea either for my beauty shoots or Avant garde shoot, I tend to let myself go in the park and have nature talking to me and take me to my place of unlimited imagination.

Makeup Styling, Afro American Woman, Jewelry, Ring, Kevin Nguyen, Makeup Stylist, Hair StylistI love the freedom of either choosing the colors for makeup or hair.

Multi Media Nails, Nail Styling, Nail Stylist, Nail Art, Finger Nail Art, Pro Nail Styling, Pro Nail Stylist, Photo Manip, Hand ModelThat’s why I’m not afraid of going extreme and bold without holding back.

But then, I still love the simplicity of natural makeup and beauty updos.

Hair Styling, Makeup Artist, MUA, Makeup Styling, Beach, bikini, woman, Beautiful, colored striped bikiniWhen it comes to my nail work, I’m patient and detailed with my nail art and am thought this medium telling stories.

multi color eye shadow, fashion forward makeup, kevin nguyen, makeup stylist, olive skinned woman, rainbow colors, bright colorsI also enjoy styling for the shoots.

That’s why I can complete my concepts without being altered by other designers.

Hair, Makeup, Styling, Professional Hair and Makeup Styling, MUA, Hair Stylist, Jewelry, Asian woman, Bust up I will not work for free; and, I wouldn’t take other artist’s working for free either.

Kevin Dinh Nguyen, Makeup, Hair, Nail, Stylist, Styling, couple, underwear, black and white, man and woman, reclining, underwear advertizementThis is the mentality I’ve learned in this beauty industry ever since I was 15-year-old starting in Makeup school.

Sophisticated Hair Style, Kevin Nguyen, Stylist, dangle earrings, drop earrings, crystal drop earrings, bare shoulders, updo, raven hair, raven hairedAfter so many makeup, hair, nail and cosmetology schools, I started to work for MAC Cosmetics, then Lancome Cosmetics,then on to Modeling Agencies and billions of photo shoots.

Pinup, Pinup Styling, Professional Pinup Styling, red velvet gloves, red gloves, jewelry ad, drop heart earrings, diamond heart earrings, beauty spot, beauty spots, beauty mark, beauty marks, Pinup Hair Style, Pinup Makeup, Kevin Nguyen, 3¢, 3¢ stamp, bust up pinup, loose curly hair, loose curls, flower in hair, flowers in hairI know it’s time for me to complete my dream of branching out with my own makeup line and hair work, that’s why I am putting myself through business school right now.”

Thank you Kevin, we all looking forward to seeing your line and future creations in time to come.

Hair Styling, Makeup Styling, Wedding Dress, Wedding Veil, Asian Bride

For more of Kevin’s work, click here.



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