TH Taylor is a Wisconsin Based Pro Photographer of Glamorous Women, Who is really a Musician at Heart

This was always a fave shot of Vasanta... what a foxy loxy ham! :) Model: Vasanta mucky make up by ME!I have been long drawn to TH’s grainy and iconic black and white nudes which are reminiscent of high-speed B&W films of which TH is nostalgically fond.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, TH says of the local weather:

“Yesterday … 92 degrees blistering hot, … today 50 degrees … night and day.

God is real tough to work with in the Midwest.  We have the best skies here.”

The big skies can be seen in the Wisconsin farm field photo that TH caught.  Everyone, me included, asked him about the hot spot of light falling around and behind his model.One great thing about Wisconsin: The amazing skies (and the cheap beer!) :) Model: Ruthy B Syling and make up: Me

“The hot spot was serendipity.  I saw it, ran quickly and threw her in that.

That’s the way god provided that day.”

Awesome.Another pic in my "strange stuff on models heads" series! This time: an ostrich's butt! Head piece and styling by Neda, Model Neda, Make-up by Sonya!

TH shoots 50/50 indoors and in studio.

Lighting wise,

“When looking for something is always a crap shoot outdoors.

I was the guy that does it to just follow the money, was me kind of late, strapping myself…

So I took a sabbatical.	 Lara rocks... so hard! Make up and styling by me... Bored hearing that yet?

I am a degreed musician.  And just stepped back and did music to recharge.”

I asked TH about turning from hobbyist to pro…

“When I quit any kind of external financial income, that’s what forced me to market my photography.

Jessamyn... must you flash your buns to all of Milwaukee??? Dammit: we're conservative around here!!! ;) Make-up and styling by T.H.Taylor, Model: JessmynPhotographers with other jobs, since they rely on other kinds of income stay hobbyists.

When you rely only on your photography, then you do what you need to do to make money in photography.”

TH has slews of clients:

Jemme and Kelly, looking like those two creepy kids that are under the "Ghost of x-mas present's" cloak... :) Make up by T.H.Taylor“Drinks and food (photography), that really pays the bills.

When i shoot for magazines, they pay for crap;  but, it gets you clients from them seeing the article.

Kerrie Taylor in those crazy pointy shoes... How the hell do you wear those things? :) Make up: T.H.Taylor Model: Kerrie Taylor (no relation!) The land of pinkness, pink and black stripesTear sheets, one good, or mediocre “tear” gets you over the hump.

I now have got reps that scout shooting work for me,…

In order to get a rep, you already have to have clients as well.

It’s a Catch 22 …

See? We DO grow an occasional super model in Milwaukee!! :) Make up and styling by T.H.Taylor (sad homage to Kevyn Aucoin!!), Model: Jemme Location:	 In a white room, with black curtains...To make it, battening down, getting rid of other income,

… starve for couple of years …. learn photography and perfect your craft.

I haven’t had a job ever.   I almost when right into this from being an actor.

legolicious model Jemme looking... Leggy! My neck STILL hurts from laying on the floor to get this shot! Hair, make-up and styling by T.H.Taylor. Model: Jemme (non MM) Location:	 Wall at Rafal'sSo I was used to starving, being an actor.  Now, I been doing this for 15-17 years solid.

To get started, if you shoot something and  it’s published in a magazine, tare it from the magazine and put it in your portfolio.

Tiana Hunter... Cleaning my shower! More models in my shower on my other page: #328912 Location:	 The rub a dub tub... MilwaukeeIt’s gotta be a tangible printed item.

Magazines and catalogs, brochures, promotional stuff for companies, general promos for local stores, a good editorial or good commercial shot is the ultimate.

More models rockin' the locks...! This shot must be "art..." Cause I don't understand it! ;) Models: Raelyn and Titania... Styling by God! Location:	 A freak wind tunnel against my wall... Mil town.(A Commercial Shot) … a lot of people will never see them, but my clients see them, commercial clients love that stuff.”

On Model Mayhem, TH keep personal work, some published, a lot of times, TH will not publish the actual published work, but something similar.  So, a lot of his MM images are personal work and some from model tests.

“I do not pay models to test.

Why is T.H. Following us??? Cause I'm "Stalkarazzi!" ;) Make-up by T.H.Taylor Models: Jemme and Kelly Location:	 Mil-townI am old school.  I contact the agency and offer test rates and they send paying models.”

A lot of models will pay TH to shoot them at his discounted “testing rates.”

Testing meaning he is testing out some gear or other and the agency models needing shots to fill out their ports without the usual TF gamut of hobbyist photographers.

TH feel he bring value to models:

“I am the absolute best most incredible mediocre photographer you will ever meet.

What I will do is make other people aware of what the model is capable of bringing.

I’m kind of a shit photographer, but I’m a good director.

I’m a musician who takes pictures.

I set my own hours.  I like the camaraderie with other photographers.

Photography pays the bills.   Music is my passion.

There is a photo of London Andrews by TH I have always admired, to view click here.

TH’s style is evident in this several other grainy photos in this article.

“The couch is in my old studio.

… I saw the light and told London, ‘Get naked and lay on the floor…’

I use a very old Fuji Film S5 Pro.  It has the most natural granularity.

Closest to film look, especially black and white.

I shoot at ASA 400 to 800 to get the grainy look.

The camera has a “T Grain” feature, I shut that off…

The T Grain feature makes the grain come out “T” shaped.

I like plain old ugly grain.

Then I use Noise Ninja to tweak the grain.

The rest is contrast and tons and tons of overlay mode adjustment layers.

I get asked all the time and don’t use Topaz.

Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro Complete and Silver Efex Pro are the only Photoshop plug ins I really like … and Noise Ninja.

Every thing else is Photoshop.

You click duplicate layer of images.

Then use levels to flatten output levels…

Push black toward white to about 90,

Then black toward white to 190.

Then soften layer either using soft light or overlay.

This increases contrast and brings out midtones more.

Sometimes a high pass filter and over lay that … primarily in BW.

I’ve used 6 contrast overlays in one image.

I always push.

Back in film days, during processing HP5 BW film developed in Rodinal, I made the Rodinal crazy hot.

Whaled on it.

Constantly agitating it like making  martini.

Then when printing, would use filters that would actually push the grain.

Then use a lith process would make even grainier.

Push the shit out of the negatives to get crazy high contrast.

With my digital images, I keep pushing my digital images, till they look degraded, then pull it back just a bit so it’s not noticeable.

What it produces is a very rich gray scale and deep blacks.

On larger scales, where I am selling some pieces 2′ x3 ‘  in size, as long as grain is stippley not muddy, I think it looks great

Part of the problem with digital photography is everyone is into smooth and clean.

I like things to have more film feel to them, … grain to them.

Glamour shots with buttery smooth nipples look like Stepford wives.

If you go for smooth, please please please bring the hair and nipples back in.

To see more of TH’s work, click here.

Images © TH Taylor

For a listing of Photographers Profiled on, click here.

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