Q&A with Philip’e, Fashion Photographer, Makeup Hair & Stylist, Upland, California

Philipe, Chrome Bustier, Black and White, Red Lipstick, Fashion, High Fashion, Female, Woman, Model, Girl, BeautifulPhilip’e, aka Philipe, is an accomplished professional hair and makeup stylist recently turned working pro fashion photographer extraordinaire.

With professional fees for Tests which start off at $1000.00, for Fashion and Editorial running $1,800.00 – 3,500.00 and up, he has shot models from Elite, Ford, L.A. Models and other agencies.

Hat, High Fashion, Makeup, Glamour, , Philipe, Color, Head Shot, implied nude, ruby red lipstick, mauve eye shadow, short lighting, black paisley, face paintOnce one sees an iconic image of a woman clad in Philipe’s self-styled chrome bustiers, which he creates personally, we do not soon forget the unique creative touch and feel of his photos.

Philipe, Chrome Bustier, Black and White, Fashion, High Fashion, Female, Woman, Model, Girl, BeautifulAfter a successful and distinguished award-winning career in styling hair and makeup, Philip’e a few years ago serendipitously shifted his talents to encompass photography.

Here Philip’e has graciously shares 12 of his fantastical fashion images and answers for us 8 questions about his photographic career and creative processes.

Philipe, Chrome Bustier, Black and White, Fashion, High Fashion, Female, Woman, Model, Girl, Beautiful, chrome, eye patch, spiked bustierQuestion 1:  I understand you have been an award-winning styling artist?

Philip’E:  “Yes, while in beauty school, I competed in hair show competitions and continued when I got my license and later on competed against the professionals.

I’m a five time champion, six first place champion…”

Philipe, Nude, Black and White, Art Nude, Woman, Girl, Legs Crossed in AirQuestion 2:  Am assuming you went from this to photography..?

And still do both?

Philip’e:  “I only do both (hair and make up) on my shoots or on higher paying (production) jobs….”

Philipe, Black and White, painting toes, painting toe nails, toe nail polish, girl painting toe nails, girls painting toe nails, High Fashion, Women, Girls, Two Women, Two GirlsQuestion 3:  How long have you been a styling artist?

Philip’e:  “Over 15 years doing hair and make up.”

Philipe, Black and White, Head Shot, chain link fence, Net, Shadow, Shaddow, parted lips, high fashion, open mouth, beautiful, womanQuestion 4:  What made you switch to photography, 3 years ago is still accurate?

Philip’e:  “More like (over) 4 years.

I got started when the hair and make up I did for photographers….

I just was not getting pictures..

I had tear sheets, which was good, but no pictures.

So I decided to pick up a camera to build my own portfolio…

That was my intent but, ended up getting an email from Next models Paris, letting me know, a few of their models would be in town and they asked me what my fee was..

The rest is history…”

Philipe, Art Nude, Black and White, nipple clamp, high fashion, woman, bust up shot, nude, diamond spider, diamond spider broach, nipple jewelryQuestion 5:   You makeup is flawless… being a makeup artist of such skill helps explain why…

Philip’e:  “Doing make up on set you learn about color temperature, it also helps because there is no middle man to try to communicate what look you want….

It saves time, because when I’m there, everyone is there.

The photographer, grip, make up, hair and editor…”

Philipe, Bling, Bling Makeup, Bling on lips, Bling lips, bling on face, high fashion, head shot, Glitter, Glitter Makeup, pink, pink tones, red lipstick, red lip bling, pink bling, pink face bling Question 6:   Tell me a little also about your chrome bustier genre?

Philip’e:  “Nothing was planed or drawn, I just started making them..

I wanted something different, there a pain to make and out of five that are made, only two make it…

Genre?  It’s fashion..  My fashion, what I want I create…  It’s very spontaneous.. and what ever happens, happens..”

Black and white, art nude, reclining nude, puffy nipples, philipe, woman, brunette, high fashion nude, high keyQuestion 7:   Like what makes you to make them?  Are they a separate love, or just for the photography?

Philip’e:  “It’s torture, the first ones I was making was in a hot apartment room, with air conditioning, with it being in the 100’s…  I had fans going on.

The heat would put you to sleep, I’d wake up at night (still hot) and finish them..

I’ve moved since then, they’re still hard to make though.”

Black and white, arched neck, implied nude,  philipe, woman, blonde, blond, platinum blond, high fashion nude, low key, ecstatic, hand splayed, head turning away, ecstacyQuestion 8:  I love body paint, and see now you have some body paint shots.

Can you share a bit about your interest in body paint?

Like just exploring, love, learning, over it… ???

Philip’e:  “It started when I went to compete at hair shows, I then saw this body painting competition, I thought I’d try, I did and I got first place.

There is not much exploring, I just do, yes I sometimes tell a model,
‘OK, today I want to paint this or that.’

It’s never really planed, I just do it..

I hate making things too technical…”

body paint, skeleton, head shot, face paint, color, philipe, high fashionFor more of Philipe’s work, click here.

Photographs © Philip’e.

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  1. Leah Skroch says:

    ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOUR WORK! PHENOMENAL! wish I had the cash to approach you concerning being transformed into the goddesses you shoot!

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