Painterly Styled Artistic Photographer Bill Resto of Pixel Elegance, San Diego, California

Bill Resto is a photographer and digital artist based in San Diego, California.  His company is Pixel Elegance.

painterly nude, art nude, red print drape, pubic hair art nude, fire in skyThe craft, character and unique style of Bill’s images is immediately obvious and yet of a depth which transcends anything akin to obvious.

unique makeup, face paint, unique hair, art nude, blonde dog ears, nude torsoHow’s it done ??!

Perhaps choice in models?

His sometimes painterly perspective?

Well certainly these;  and, so much more too…

“I am a self-taught photographer and artist.

Face Paint, Stylized hair, fishnet body suit, painterly nudeInspired by the passion and creativity of others – painters, sculptors, photographers, models, dancers and nature itself – I find myself constantly astounded and absorbed by the process as much as the product.

purple with white polka dots, shattered glass, decolletage, hands opening blouse, revealing bosomsIn my work, I see myself more as coordinator than inventor.

Woman nude on elephant, art nude, forestI search for models with whom I can collaborate, rather than models who must be directed.

art nude, distressed building, radiator, metal bed frame, old mattress, abandoned house, dirty blonde nude,grunge nudeI look for models who have passion for exploration and emotional exposure, models whose spirits can be easily captured.

Face Painted Nude, arched back nude, flexibility nude, painterly nude, satin dress nude, nude to the waist, stripped to the waist, leopard spot face paint, blue face paintTogether, we explore movement and story, inventing situations and developing characters as we go.

In post production, each photograph begins to tell its own story.

black latex gloves, gloves on boobs, collar, v shaped collar, painterly photoI listen and respond as the final image develops.

Sometimes a photograph will lead me down several paths before the ‘real’ story is revealed.

Asian woman, long blonde braid, black umbrella, painterly, plaid blouse, black with white pinstripe skirt, lighting, rain, dour expressionI try to work without preconception, to stay present in the moment of the journey and avoid focusing on the destination.

Asian woman, long blonde braid,  painterly, plaid blouse, black with white pinstripe skirt, striped hat box, pealing wall paper, dress frame, vintage baby shoesThe ideas I most appreciate are those that arrive in moments of stillness.

While I am often pleased and impressed by my own work, the process is always more exciting for me than the finished photo.

Painterly nude, natural bush, natural pubic hair, groomed pubic hair, snow capped mountains, islands, painterly art nudeI am obsessed with color, palette, texture, mood, and light.

I may ruminate for days over minor details the casual observer will never see.

zebra print overlay on nude woman, nude brunette, painterly art nudeThe laborious nature of the work can be emotionally and spiritually draining;  but, I would not trade the passion of creation for anything in my life.

art nude, black and white nude, moss, water falls, ferns, brunette, nature studyA life without creativity or passion is a life unlived.”

For more from Bill, click here.

Images © Bill Resto.


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3 Responses to Painterly Styled Artistic Photographer Bill Resto of Pixel Elegance, San Diego, California

  1. PStivers says:

    Beautiful work Bill. The depth of your vision and expression is amazing. Your comment, “I try to work without preconception, to stay present in the moment of the journey and avoid focusing on the destination”, highlights your passion and your artistic side. You have found you expressive path, Bro.

  2. Daniel C Regan says:

    Didn’t know that I lived next to a genius!

  3. Do you ever visit the San Francisco Bay Area ?
    I teach at City College of S.F.
    You’re work is beautiful and so imaginative… It would be so exciting if you’d be willing to share it and something of your head with us.

    I coordinate a lecture series (PHOTO-50, “PHOTOGRAPHERS & THEIR IMAGES”.

    True, we pay a lousy stipend of $100 bucks, but we treat the speaker to a fantastic Chinese dinner in a genuine hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant after the lecture. We also have a very excited, interested, always grateful group of students and community that comes to these lectures. (60-90 out of a 600 student program) . Might you be interested ?

    Marshall Berman

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