Flower Themed Art Nudes by Photographer Andy Amyx of Sacramento, CA

Jill, Andy Amyx, Nude, Nude Dancer, Toe Shoes, Ballet, Nude Ballerina, Black and White, Low Key Photo, Lavendar Flower, OrchidAndy Amyx’s photographic works include High Fashion, Editorial, Swimwear, Lingerie, Catalog, Website Content, Magazine, Commercial and Artistic.

What he is sharing here today is his Flower Themed Art Nudes.

Born in Houston Texas,  Andy grew in New Orleans with an early influence to his photographic development from the work of his reporter and photojournalist mother.

A student of business and music at Tulane, Andy intended a path of music scene, which after moving to California transitioned to an obsession with magic.

Magic became at first a hobby and is now a parallel career to his photography.

Jill, Andy Amyx, Nude, Nude Dancer, Toe Shoes, Ballet, Nude Ballerina, Black and White, Low Key Photo, Lavendar Flower, Orchid, knealingAndy’s flower themed art nudes was one which immediately struck me and one to which he himself keeps coming back to, time and again.

These flower nudes are quite striking images.

Their pallets are overall often muted or limited to black and white contexts, then jumping with the vibrant colorations and patterns of interesting and often unique flowers.  I enquired of Andy, what comes first for him, the idea for pose?

The choice of Model?  The perfect Flower?… etc?

And how, I wished to know, does he arranges his model’s poses?

Andy Amyx, Nude, Nude Dancer, Black and White, Low Key Photo, Amber Flower, Orchid, bent over, from rearAndy shared that he has been doing the flower theme since 1995 …

Muted Colors, Nude, Long Hair, Hair Cover Up, Nudity, Nude, Vagina, Lili, Pink Lilly, Lilly, Flower, Pink Flower, Sepia, Woman, Girl, Dancer“No one was really doing it like I was.

And now I see some copycats out there.  Which I guess is a bit of a compliment …

I was doing it because it was beautiful and a bit commercial.   And, women liked what I was doing so I felt I was doing something right.

At first I would just buy a flower and run with it.

Then I became a bit OCD with it.

I was into finding odd flowers a certain model with the right eye color etc.

Still am a bit OCD about it.

Now it’s the location for me.

I have really grown with it.

Andy Amyx, High Key, Nude, Pink Flower, Nude, Ass Hole, Anus, Bare Ass, Anus picture, crossed legs, lying on back, Art Nude, Black and WhiteWhen it comes to poses in the studio, I will tell or show the model how to do it.

But, I prefer a dancer or a Pro model.  I let them do their thing and I do my thing. And, I always get some killer images!

The idea comes first for me.  Then the flower.

Or sometimes I see a killer flower and then run with an idea, look for a model, location and wait for great weather if I am wanting to shoot on location.”

To see more of Andy’s work, click here.

Images © Andy Amyx.

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