Sensual and Erotic Art Images by Professional Fashion Photographer Michael Steiner of Designfactory – Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Beauty-02, Michael Steiner, Design Factory, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Photographer, Black, female, implied nude, nude, afro american, afro, necklace, chocolate skin, brown skin, dark skin, elegant, pretty, feathered hat, arm band, gorgeous, profile

Beauty-02 Michael Steiner

Munich, Germany’s Michael Steiner, a professional photographer whose clients include:  magazines, companies from all branches and fashion labels, is sharing with us 8 very sensual images of women.

His ongoing love affair with the taking of beautiful photographs began for Michael while attending school in Munich, Germany.  During this time, he began to experiment with photography through shooting of portraits.

'Kaat', Michael Steiner, red bra, brunette, arms on wooden rail, bust up, shot, green eyes, short nails, nail polish, beautiful woman

'Kaat' Michael Steiner

Drawn to experimenting, he explored the differences between painting, photography and other art forms while he studied photography in 1980’s Berlin.

Perhaps you followers of history may recall, the Berlin Wall fell on November 9th, 1989.

Interesting times, what?

'Vamp 733', Michael Steiner, red lipstick, blood on lips, dripping blood, red finger nails polish, long blonde hair, erotic, haute, button up collar, high collar, strings, dark green eye shadow, emerald green eye shadow, green eyes, green eyed, lips parted, see through blouse, black, threads in fingers, steamy

'Vamp' Michael Steiner

Michael’s first and strongest photographic impressions were formulated viewing the highly erotic and “very impressing” images of women by erotic art photographer Helmut Newton.

“I started right away as an assistant photographer in fashion-photography.

Dealing with human bodies – models – made me study human behavior.

Vamp 1125, Michael Steiner, lick lips, red lipstick, see through blouse, woman, holding breast, green eyes, green eyed, nipple, exposed, blonde hair, dark green eye shadow, décolletage, nude, naked, erotic, red nail polish, red lip stick


I worked a couple of years as a fashion photographer for a big media house in Germany and learned to shoot for 200 days a year without getting lost ….

Again, my inspiration was to get more and more into personal portrait photography.

With the years, I also discovered a good sense for architectural photography and also some kind of still life photography, which is something I want to improve.”

'Pam 114' Michael Steiner, nude, implied nude, female, brunette, lying face down, back exposed

'Pam 114' Michael Steiner

Michael today still works in the fashion photography business.

“Although I do much more different things, like shooting company representatives’ portraits.

To me,  photography is a way to follow my daily inspiration.

Artists like Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Albert Watson, Annie Leibovitz impressed me deeply.

They combine perfect technique with a very personal sight on people and places.

Beauty, Michael Steiner, lips, teeth, mouth, sensual, orange lip stick, yellow lip stick, pink lip stick, red lip stick, bright colored lip stick, multicolored lips stick, lips,

'Beauty 7' Michael Steiner

My strongest inspiration are the people that come to my studio.

When we start shooting together, I try to create an atmosphere that gives the person in front of the camera the feeling that I help them to see themself.

I do not think that I take a picture.

I think that the pictures are coming to us;  and, I have the task to catch them at the right moment.”

Kristina, Michael Steiner, black thigh high stockings, lace stockings, light pink nail polish, mons pubis, pubic stubble, implied nude, black ribbon, bdsm, bondage, wrists tied, belly button, hands on thighs, implied nude, fetish, naked, white girl

'Kristina 6075' Michael Steiner

The shift in digital photography and workflows has not left Michael unimpacted.

Kristina, Michael Steiner, black thigh high stockings, lace stockings, light pink nail polish, blue eyes, brown hair, brunette, belly button, nude, fetish, naked, white girl, nipples, knees to chest, lying down on side, erotic, eyes looking at camera, mascara

'Kristina 6019' Michael Steiner

“Nowadays the digital world has changed our profession totally and the change is going on.

Nobody I know can tell where we are going and how the digital future may look like.

At the moment, I spend a lot of time with post production and editing pictures, making them printable.

I start to take little movies as well.”

Movies, always with the movies…

Images © Michael Steiner Photography

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