Art Nude and Dance Photographs from Stephan Brauchli Zurich, Switzerland based Photographer

Stephan Brauchli is a Swiss based self-taught photographer whose diverse work includes wildlife, abstract smoke, travel, people of the world, erotica as well as classic sculptural nude photography.

Stephan Brauchli 2009 Woman on Rock in Clear Lake, Black and White, Nude

Stephan Brauchli 2009 Woman on Rock in Clear Lake

When asked to provide some background on his artistic vision and drive, Stephan relayed an anecdote about his nudes …

J&S 2010 Stephan Brauchli, Two Nude Women, Blonde on top of Brunette, Two Girls Nude, Black and White

J&S 2010 Stephan Brauchli

by sharing that his very favorite compliment about this aspect of his work came from a very elegant middle aged lady.

She looked at his work and then stated “You celebrate women”.

Icing on top gray Clay drip body decor on nude woman Stephan Brauchli 2009

Icing on top Stephan Brauchli 2009

Asked further about his artistic vision and drive, Stephan elaborated:

“While I could discuss a specific image with you at length, I believe in letting my images speak for themselves.”

Joyous Hair Flip 2010 Stephan Brauchli, Blonde, Nude Implied, Wild Hair, Smiling, Beautiful

Joyous Hair Flip 2010 Stephan Brauchli

“Photography is my passion and something I am hopelessly addicted to.”

Amen, Brother!, thinks I …

Jump 2009 Stephan Brauchli, Woman Leaping, Sand Dune, Dancer, Female, Red Sands, Blue Sky, White sundress

Jump 2009 Stephan Brauchli

“Like many other photographers, I would love to find a way to shoot for a living – in the meantime, I enjoy having a creative outlet and hope you do too.”

Well, I know I am grateful.

Thank you Stephan for sharing and letting us enjoy your passions along with you.

torso 2010 Stephan Brauchli, Nude Female Torso, Dried Mud, Black and White

torso 2010 Stephan Brauchli

V 2010 Stephan Brauchli, Nude, Female, Torso, Thumb Tacks, Black and White

V 2010 Stephan Brauchli

Eye of the Camel 2009 Stephan Brauchli, Austin, Texas, TX, Rocks, Woman, Nude, Brunette, Desert

Eye of the Camel 2009 Stephan Brauchli

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