Using Portrait Professional Version 11 along with Photoshop to edit a glamour or beauty head shot


Portrait Professional 11, Photoshop CS5, Post Processing, Beauty Editing, Glamour Editing, Nikon D90

After Portrait Professional 11 and Photoshop Post Processing, Nikon 105mm 2.8D AF Micro, f/25 1/160 sec, ISO 200, AB800 with 86″ Parabolic Soft Box for fill

Portrait Professional Version 11 is quite a significant upgrade to this useful program.

While Portrait Professional 10 was a useful program.  It did not really excel at face recognition.  One was required to place all the face points individually.

Any misplacement of facial points required going back to the drawing board with the program.

Version 11  incorporates face recognition which is quite good.  In many cases, small or even no readjustments are required.

And, readjustments can be done on the fly, in mid edit.

Some Photoshop is still required.  The content aware heal is much more powerful than the healing tool in Portrait Professional 11.  Thought the new Portrait Professional 11 healing tool is much improved from the past versions where this was an almost useless add-on feature.

See video of Portrait Professional 11 editing process:


Blond Teen, Green Eyes, No Editing, Fashion Model

Before Edit – Click for larger view

Some artificating can occur as well, not just when faces are sculpted, but even when they are not.

The program still is confused by where skin ends and the body begins… I always have to check to make sure it found all the skin in order to make sure I don’t have a miss match of skin textures in my final product later.

Also, one must check the hair.  Usually, it will think there is hair where there isn’t… often on a dark skin area.

Still, all in all, a great upgrade that really takes Portrait Professional to a much more productive (as in quick to use) level.




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