Before and After Retouch, How to retain bright natural looking eyes, with sparkle using PS CS5

How do you enhance by retouching using Photoshop CS5 a great photo of a beautiful girl?

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Makeup Enhanced, and Eyes Dodged in Photoshop

Starting with a great photo, what we have done here are:

  • cloned and stamped out imperfection in skin, teeth and fly away stray hairs
  • use Portrait Professional 10 to improve skin and sharpen eyes
  • dial the Portrait Pro layer down in opacity to get right degree of original and Portrait Pro effect
  • again clone out any remaining facial spots, lines, blemishes, red capilaries in eyes, etc
  • select iris areas of eyes and dodge the irises lighter
  • burn hair strands over iris area to keep them looking natural
  • enhance cheek bones, eye makeup and lips, tutorials show how

There are of course many ways to do the same thing  …  This is but one way.

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Before Retouching

To purchase or to view a larger version of the finished image, click here.

The larger the image, the more noticeable are the effects of retouching.

That is, what may not be seen in a small web sized or 4″x6″ print, turns into a lunar crater sized blemish when seen full sized or blown up in large prints.

The size of the final image can thus be a guide for us as to how much retouching we might wish to devote to any particular image.

The Portrait Professional program is an easy to use plug in that I like to utilize primarily to smooth skin quickly.  It is not the only way to achieve skin results and was not material to the eye effects seen here.

What is essential when using Portrait Professional, if you wish to use layers of your original file in blending, is to turn off the face sculpting controls in Portrait Pro.  Otherwise, the Portrait Pro edited layers will not line up with your other layers due to reshifting and rescaling of image features…

Lynda  provides excellent tutorials on a wide variety of Photoshop editing techniques, short cuts and other niceties which I utilized to enhance lips, cheek bones, and eye make up here today were learned from Lynda.

Whenever you are ready for the full free Lynda tour, click one of the Lynda banners on this blog’s pages or use this link for your 7-day free trial to

The eye lightening is Peter Janhans’ techique.

“You use the dodge tool in the toolbox and have it set to midtones, use a very soft brush (0) hardness and use 5-10 exposure and gently click on the eyes till you get a result that are good and natural. That’s the whole trick”.

More from Peter is viewable by clicking here.

Thanks again Peter, I love how the results look.



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