Q&A with Houston’s Peruvian Model Silvia Demeyer

Silvia is a Houston based model, originally from Peru, whose exotic look cannot help but captivate the viewer.EON-STUDIO-Silvia, bright blue eyes, straight black hair, full lips, exotic, looks

Today she has graciously agreed to share with us some of her insights into her life and career as a working model.


JESSE LEON, Silvia Demeyer, Officer's Cap, Officer's hat, whip, implied nude, suspenders, fetish, black, military erotica, pencil skirtHow does the ideas come about… that is what was the creative process was for some shoots of your shoots?

“The creative process start with the photographers concept of what he would like to create.

I normally request as much information as is available from the photographer on his preferences, vision, colors, type of wardrobe and objective of what he would like the end results to portrait.

Then prepare various outfits in different styles and study current trends in the market place.

Creativity and preparation is combined on location when styling and final touches are done in accordance with the environment where the shoot takes place.”

What do you do to get ready for a shoot?

MARIA BERNAL, Silvia Demeyer, bust up nude, exotic woman nude, straight black hair, long straight black hair, black and white, art nude“The most important part is to be well rested and fresh, physically and mentally in order to capture inspiration before the shoot takes place.

I am a perfectionist in all aspects of preparation and execution especially when it comes to hair, make-up, skin as well as body condition.

I spent a lot of time preparing my body in the gym, ensure that I eat correctly and that my make up is selected in accordance with the needs of the shoot.

I also practice various poses that fits into the concept planning the photographer supplies me before the time in front of a mirror with the outfits I had prepared so that I will be comfortable and not be limited on the day of the shoot.”

How long have you been modeling full-time?

GREG McCABE, Silvia Demeyer, nude, frontal art nude, color, straight black hair, against wall, side lit, hair over breasts, shaved nude, art nude“I have been modeling professionally in various countries for 15 years of which the last 5 years have been based out of the USA.”

How did you get into modeling?

FILIP PIZLO, Silvia Demeyer, Woman in Red Dress, colorized black and white, bare legs, red dress, patio, arched entry“I was born as an artist and have practiced and studied art since a very young age.

I was introduced to the profession while posing as an artist model, and got into the modeling industry when I was offered an opportunity to present a casual clothing line on the walkway during an annual event in Latin America.

At the time, I had no experience and very little formal knowledge of the industry.

After this event I actively started to pursue other opportunities and established myself through constant hard work and by differentiating me from other competitors by being consistent in good preparation and the delivery of high quality work.”

Is your work TF / PAID? How did you go from TF to Paid?

DWIGHT WILLIAMSON, Silvia Demeyer, bust up nude, exotic looks, black and white, exotic woman, straight black hair, caucasian, blue eyes, full lips, colorized black and white“I do not conduct TF work as this is my career.

I have worked very hard and continue to do so to ensure my clients receive only the best product they are paying for.

When I started out in the industry, I conducted TF sessions to create a basic portfolio.

After that, I used results from paid shoots to update my portfolio to demonstrate my ability and range.”

What do you think about while shooting?

“I concentrate on the objective of the photographer and have a clear picture in mind which I had practiced before the shoot of what I need to do to achieve the objective.

I clear my mind of all outside influences and focus on beauty, relax my body and face and ensure that the angles I produce through my pose will supply the photographer with the best potential shot.

It is very important to maintain inner peace and to transmit that I am comfortable to the photographer as this ensures the establishment of a connection where creative language is shared.”

What things do you feel you might like to share with aspiring models or photographers about what it is like to work with and or be a model?

DAVID R. BOISVERT, Silvia demeyer, peruvian model, black and white, reclining nude“It is not easy being a full-time model.

It takes dedication, commitment and unflinching discipline regarding, diet, exercise, practice, learning and applying experience day in and day out.

You need to study everybody and everything and understand make-up, lighting, wardrobe, materials, textiles, how to manage personalities, avoid conflict as well as all aspects of business and project management.

Each shoot is a project that needs to planned, executed and closed out in a step by step manner so that you can go back and learn from any mistakes you might have made and prevent it from happening in future projects.

To be successful, you need to be able to demonstrate variety and be able to diversify into different genres.

One must practice constantly and be respectful of all levels in the artistic community – being a Prima Dona will only ensure limited income for a limited time.

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