Q&A with Dancer Model Shelby Jo-Lynne Albuquerque, New Mexico

Smoking, Cigarette, Model, Sensual, Sexy, Black and White, Smoke, Smokey, Film Noir, Brunette, cigarette in hand, blowing smoke, smokey eye shaddowLeaper of a dancer, as her pictures clearly demonstrate, Shelby Jo-Lynne is a 20 years old model who hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How does a dancer successfully transition into the modeling world?

Our curiosities piqued, we are entertained and enlightened with insights into Shelby’s life as model by engaging  in a bit of Q&A…

GP.co:  How do the ideas came about for the creative process for some shoots?

“Having meaning and a story behind a shoot is extremely important.

You can’t work solely off location or wardrobe.

What’s behind the photo is what makes it interesting.

Dancer, Leaping, Model, Brunette, Hair Flying, split, bra and panty split, bra and panty leap, split, bare feet, toes pointed, toes pointing dancer bare feet, barefoot, bare foot, dancer bare foot, split leap, beautiful nude model, flexibilitiy, gymnastic leapI am very inspired by the arts.  Dance and music can trigger ideas for different shoots.”

GP.co:  What you do to get ready for a shoot?

“Before I go into a shoot, I like to have as much information as possible on themes and story lines.

Model, Dance Pose, modern dance pose, bare foot, dancer bare feet, bare foot, pointed toes, toes pointedThat way I know what I need to channel the moment I walk onto location.  Setting out wardrobe, practicing hair, make-up, & working on poses before a shoot is a must.

I try my hardest to enter every shoot as prepared as possible.

#1 for me is to be well rested & staying hydrated before a shoot.”

GP.co:  How long you have been modeling?

“I have always had a strong interest in modeling.

When I was younger, I always said I would grow to be 5’8.

Strapless Tube Dress, Blue, Brunette, wet look, rain, nature, tree, trees, pine trees, background

© Bonnie Mitchell

I knew that’s how tall girls have to be to become a Rockette, or to walk a runway.

I take shoots as they come, if I am interested in concepts, and if the photographers work will benefit my portfolio.”

Dancer Posing,  Toe Shoes, Ballet Shoes, En Pointe, bra and panty, bra, panties, pulling your body, brunette, flexibility pose, flexibilityGP.co:  How you got into modeling?

“I started modeling more seriously after I was contacted through MySpace from a clothing designer who wanted to use me as a runway model for his designs for Santa Fe Design Week.”

GP.co:  Is your work TF/Paid? How you go from TF to paid?

“Modeling is something that I love to do.

Of course, I am more than willing to do TF if I am impressed with the photographers work.

Model, Posing, Dancer Posing, body suit, beige body suit, form fitting, long pearl, pearls, long pearl strands, pearl strands

© Ashley Marie Photography

At the moment, I am only looking to do work that is beneficial to my portfolio.

I do both paid and TF shoots.”

GP.co:  What you think about while shooting?  How you give the pose or what is important when posing?

“If I am doing a studio shoot, I prefer to have music playing in the background.

Being first a dancer, my mind is triggered with music.

I try to become the character I am portraying.

Finding the light, being aware of where the photographer is, and taking direction is important.  But, if you aren’t able to channel the character & emotion, none of those things matters.


Just a model isn’t always going to get you through the door.

So, I have tried to dip my toes into as many different pools as I can come by.

Dancer in tights, tights, leotards,toe shoes, dancer toe shoes, model posing, model toe shoes, black leotards, black tights, dancer, climbing wall, brunette, model

© Bonnie Mitchell

When I was 3 years old, I first started dancing at Fishback Studio of the Dance in Albuquerque, NM.

I have been seriously training in all styles of dance for 17+ years with some of the best teachers in the country.

When I was 8 years old, I started traveling and competing and have won a number of national titles.

Dance is my special little something that I can offer to my photo shoots.

It keeps my body in shape, my poses almost limitless, and I have gotten a huge confidence boost from my background in dance.”

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