Professional Nude Model Sarah Jain of Los Angeles, California

Perfect Nude FormAt 5′ 4″ and 105 pounds, Sarah Jain is a spitfire of a nude model and cannabis advocate living in Los Angeles, California who credits cannabis for inspiration of what we are seeing here today…

“Personally, I smoke a lot of Cannabis, which really helps me to get the creative juices flowing.

I am also spontaneous and uninhibited which also helps.

Being a big kid, and not giving a shit what other people think really helps too!

A lot of inspiration also comes from trying to show the humor in the not so humorous situations.”

Body StalkingsWhat you do to get ready for a shoot?

“Smoke a few bowls or take a few bong rips.

Nude on Saddle, Nude on Horse, Nude on Western Saddle, Nude WesternTake a long shower.

Lather myself in lotion.

Nude on Tractor, Sexy Nude CowgirlBong rips.

Floor Exercises if I have time.

Install fake eyelashes.

More bong rips.

Happy 420, Nude CannabisBlow dry hair.

Bong Rip.

Curl or Flat Iron hair.

Bong Rips.

Apply Toner.

Last Bong Rip.


Frantically shove wardrobe in my bags and hope I don’t forget anything.

Scream at the douchebag in front of me driving 15mph in a 35 zone that everyone normally does 45+ on.

I usually smoke a few bowls on the way to calm me down so I don’t get road rage once I am on the highway and stuck in traffic!  (Gotta Love LA)”

What are some of your go to or must have beauty/makeup products and why?

Booty, Denim, Skirt“I am an Organic/ Natural Freak.

I avoid parabens, sulfates, and most chemicals.

I have a long list of must have products, thus making me a “High Maintenance Hippy!”

Erotica Shot, Best Girl Friends Nude, Sarah Jain, Kymberly JaneShea Moisture” Brand – you can purchase it at Target or Walgreens (Organic and Alcohol-free Shampoos, Conditioners, body washes, hair products, and facial moisturizers.

There is truly nothing else like it on the planet.

Alba” and “J.A.S.O.N.” for my facial care.

Puro” Moisturizer by Devoted Creations is awesome – I have used it ever since I managed tanning salons.  It is made up of Organic Aloe Vera as the main ingredient – not water – and has hemp seed extract and a bunch of other skin moisturizers that last in the dry climate.

Smooth Operator” finishing powder by ‘Tarte’ has changed my life – I have always been super shiny – this paraben-free product eliminates that for hours on end and makes for the perfect finish on top of any makeup!

Korres“brand is the absolute best and paraben free for makeup – especially Foundation!”

How long you have been modeling, full-time/part-time?

Plaid Panties, Reform School Girl, Catholic School GirlI am a full Model, Actress, and Cannabis Advocate and have been modeling/acting for almost 4 years now professionally.

Prior to this, I dabbled in a few things here and there.

Leggy Art NudeMy background is in business, which has helped me greatly in this industry.

I have been featured in numerous publications, both online and print and have traveled to some of the best locations in the US, like Hawaii and Alaska for paid shoots that were more like vacations.

Nude Blonde on TransomeI have been in several small budget movies and have been featured in major production music videos for bands that I actually listen to and like.

I make my own way in this business and do things on my terms, which is why I don’t do agents/agency.

I don’t pose for things that I don’t believe in (unless it’s comical!)

Although my beliefs are very different from the mainstream, which would things like Anti-Marijuana, Religious Themed, or Unhealthy Fast food chain ads – to name just a few! –  I find that I am most successful and happy doing things on my own terms.

I do a lot of fetish work too, which is really fun.   Again, on my own terms now, I have my own clips 4sale store “SarahJain420” and I just get high and do silly fun things – like make fun of small penises for money! (I know people who would pay to do that).

Zippered Nipples, Zippered Implied NudeMy main passion is Cannabis, and I do a lot of Cannabis modeling, acting, and activism.

lean stomach petite nude blondeMost recently, my dreams have fully started to materialize, as I was picked to be the Co-host for Weedmaps TV.  My dream job, and what I came out here to do!

I get paid to smoke and review marijuana and interview people on Cannabis.

Finally, my one talent – taking huge hits of hash or weed has paid off!

I was picked because I can smoke all day and night and still ask for more.

Also, being attractive, having a good speaking voice, and being witty on camera also helped too!

Bukkake University T-ShirtThe one episode that I have filmed so far was about concentrates or Hash – my specialty.

It was a dream come true, getting to smoke all of that yummy hash for review on camera!

Fem Joy Cover, Nude Shaved Blonde KneelingBut now, unfortunately that is all in jeopardy due to the recent douchey actions of our government.

As, a result, I am now working on a documentary featuring the human side of the Cannabis industry.

It will focus on the good American people who work hard in this industry to show America the real face of the Medical Cannabis Industry and why it is good for America and the American dream.

I hope to have it completed and released in time for the holidays.”

How did you get into modeling?

“I got into modeling because I wanted to be an Iconic Female Stoner (and an intelligent one at that!).

Beauty Boudoir, Sarah Jain, Blonde Fetish ModelI had always felt I was cut out for the entertainment/fashion/art industry ever since I was asked what I wanted to do when I got older.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying to be normal to please the family and got married (this was also partially due to a 2& 1/2 year XTC and Mushroom binge, I would not have gotten married had I not been on drugs) and was the district manager for a chain of tanning salons in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

I hated having someone control me and what I wanted to do;  because, I always encourage everyone to follow their dreams.

I was living a lie.

Implied Nude Calvin Klein 420 JeansWhen the economy tanked, and so did the tanning businesses (really due to a change in ownership to a retard – but hey, you can’t win them all;  and, I did not want to be stuck running tanning salons for the rest of my life … so, I choose not buy the salons when given the numerous opportunities to do so over my years there) …

I was forced to start making most of my income off the small modeling jobs that I had been doing on the side.

Very fortunately, I got a lot of lucky breaks;  but, I also had a lot of determination and was a hard worker.

I got a lot of work initially as the petite lingerie model for an online webstore.

It paid really well and was fairly consistent.

Having one regular gig will always make it easier to open up the door for more work with other companies.

My marriage started falling apart;  because, I had sobered up and had to no face the real world; and, without the little sheltered bubble that the tanning salons had provided for me, I realize why I was so unhappy;  and, what I had to do to fix it.

Pretty Eyes blurry NudeAt this point I was modeling full-time in Texas for any small paid gig I could get and part-time waitressing at BoneDaddy’s (think upscale Hooters with sluttier sexier outfits, and more painful shoes).

I am huge Metal/Rock music fan.

I met a few bands and was trying to network.

A member of one band had a thing for me;  and, we started talking, which ultimately led to me coming out to California.

He started taking me to my gigs here.

And then his band broke up due to a douchebag.

Luckily, I started getting more work.

I had a lot of people believe in and invest in me.

Most recently, I had someone invest in a breast augmentation for me.

It has really made my career take off.

Honestly, there is something to being a Blonde with Tits in this industry.

I had lots of opportunities with my old look, but I got tired of being grouped in the “Teens” category and feeling like I was contributing to someone’s child pornography fantasy.

Nude on black leather sofaAnd sadly, the natural Cannabis industry really seems to love big fake tits over perky natural little ones.

But I love my new look and the opportunities it has opened up for me.

And I don’t cry bra shopping anymore

Now, I only do paid work.

I have been paid to do every image in my portfolio.

And usually the higher paid shoots have the best quality images too – go figure.

I don’t believe in devaluing myself for doing something for free.

I have tried TF maybe 5 time in my career, and each one has been a nightmare experience reiterating why I shouldn’t TF in the first place!”

What you think about while shooting?

“I find it best to think about good or relaxing things or nothing at all for the best facial expressions.

Sexy Nude Black and White PictureThe best thing to do is to practice a little in the mirror posing, and be aware of your body.

Arching your back and sticking your butt out and tightening your belly are must’s!

Realizing where your source is and making sure you are well-lit is crucial.

Not everyone you work with knows what they are doing, so it helps when you at least know what you need to do to make yourself look good, even if an amateur shoots you.”

What would you like to share with aspiring models or still wish to learn yourself?

If you are not self-motivated you will not go far.

This is a brutally tough industry.

It will amplify your worst insecurities.

You must have thick skin and learn to learn from rejection.

Like I mentioned earlier – honestly this industry likes blonde with boobs and clean skin.

But it also like niches too.

You can only go as far as your imagination takes you.

I am lucky to be making it on my own terms, most people cannot and will not succeed in the same manner that I have.

I really have gone against the grain, supporting cannabis openly and my fetish work.

I knew from the beginning that I would only find success in a niche market but was very luck to have gotten opportunities in the mainstream market.”

What are your favorite or must have accessories?

“My Greenhouse travel tin full of Cannabis and my Chillum.

I also like bring my torch, glass rig, and hash oil for a mobile hash bar!”

For more of Sarah, click here.

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