How to pose like a model – 12 Video Posing Guides

12 great videos demonstrating how to pose and be expressive as a model. 

Posing is very kinesthetic and visual, combining movement and acting punctuated with standing stalk still.  

Therefore, videos are an outstanding medium to aid our understanding and learning of posing skills.

Applicable for those contemplating modeling.  Be it for first time head shots and boudoir, on to the range of glamour, beauty, fashion …

The entire gamut of modeling endeavors use techniques demonstrated in these 12 videos.

Jose Maran demonstrates creation of dramatic angular editorial and high fashion poses.

Kelly Ripa demonstrates the difference in effect between posing a pretty smile and cheesing one out.

Putting the facial expression together with the body.

Model gives some very quick guides to standing poses.

Seated bust up beauty poses demonstrating variations of head tilts, rotations and lifts along with body turns and neck elongations.

Eliminate Double Chin Effects, Slimming turns, Taking Pounds Off with the right poses.

The following videos may only be viewed on youtube and may contain 3o second or so commercial intros, they are still useful.

Fashion Print Posing standing two hands on hips.

Fashion Print Pose standing with hands behind.

Fashion Print Posing standing with hands to sides.

Model describes the chemistry of working the pose in conjunction with the photographer.

A smattering of expressions. Remember to hold them when you are posing…

Facial expression of runway model.

For a listing of Models Profiled on, click here.



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2 Responses to How to pose like a model – 12 Video Posing Guides

  1. Lulu McArdle says:

    Fantastic Video, very insightful blog

  2. Yucel says:

    I noticed that Google Chrome is having issues showing the videos in this posting.

    Internet Explorer is fully able to display the videos.

    So far, I have not been able to trouble shoot, like by disabling Flash Player acceleration as some internet postings suggest.

    You may wish to try Internet Explorer if having the same issues, or perhaps can comment with other viewing solutions.

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