Exotic Model Sarah Ardhelia of Jakarta, Indonesia

This is Sarah of Indonesia.

Her exotic Polynesian looks lend a depth of otherworldly smoldering charm to her nudes … while the strength of her faith and perspective inspire and humble

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With timeless beauty, seen here in images and words of hope, our 32 years old Sarah Ardhelia is a freelance photographic model in the city of Jakarta.

“I live independently and as single mother of one child.

Initially I started modeling in December of 2010.

At first, I just put my photo collection in my Facebook.

One day, I was invited by a photographer friend, just for fun and without pay.

Then I published these in Facebook again.

Unnoticed there it all happened so bleak.

Asian, Ecstasy, mouth open, black asian hair, sepia implied nudeAnd then,  God has shown me the way in this modeling.

An offer came in to me and asked the fee for one session…

And, like how I have made friends with people who are of scope in the field of photographers.

Window Silhouette, nudeOne by one,  I have been invited to shoot.

And, I don’t know how almost every week I have gotten a job until now, here I am.

slippery nipple, wet look, Asian female, mouth openBelieve it or not, but really what it is all I have, do in my modeling career, I accomplished only by a matter of months.

And all this I do with my self, without question or help someone else.

For instance, as with the matters of negotiating price before the deal with photographers…

nude asian female, blue contacts, asian blue contactsAnd, thinking about costumes,  I also look for costumes and even doing my own makeup.. yes, I am an independent model.

I did a lot of this modeling without any special training nor did I get training…

Nude Asian, behind lamp, Asian Pubic HairAll new movements I do/did by my own innovation, with my creativity..

Sometimes photographers give help, a little advice while shooting.

Wet look Asian, Asian Nipples, Shower, Indonesian NudeI got a lot of inspiration by looking at work of other models on MM.  The rest I did a lot of new movies watching.   Movies help me learn showing my heart through my posing.

The most important thing to get great quality of work is comfortable work place location.

Indonesian Model, Shower, Blue see through, nightie, chemise, teddy, stripper shoesFor me, comfort and confidence, when doing the main shooting, by both model and photographer, are key to producing quality work, and also can provide easy inspiration for new and innovative ideas to flow.

With each shoot, from any one photographer to photographer to another photographer, I’m getting a lot of learning and experience.

Indonesian Nude, Jungle Nude, BambooI’m a model that has developed principles for getting better, and deserve better appreciated my work, because of my hard work.

I as a model, so I must choose with whom I will work together.

Nude Asian Female, Black and White Nude, Lying on bed, lying on sheetsI just choose a quality photographer.

I only choose photographers who can appreciate the team cooperation and see photography as not just a job.

Emotion Nude, Asian Nude EmotionAnd, photographers who can pay me for the qualities and abilities that I have and bring;  because, I have a strong belief that the works of expression and creativity are also qualities that I bring and that have to be appreciated.

For modeling, I do not look for cheap fees so that I continue to get a lot of work: no I’m sorry.

Wet look, Asian Female, Aroused, finger in mouth, biting finger, seductive finder sucking, shower, hornyI’m not looking for how many photographers who can photograph me and I will be busy here and there:  no I’m sorry.

I do not want to waste time, energy and creativity of my creations free of charge with no increase in quality assurance for the future of my modeling career.

Black and White, Erotic, Nude, Indonesian Woman, woman, woman From Behind, from behind, ass, buttox, buttocks, butt, naked buttThat’s why I really chose, therefore, slowly but surely, in the belief and confidence and with quality, that I have I’m sure one day, I definitely could be a professional model.Nude Asian Female, Lordosis, head down, ass up, black and white nude, pearls nude, nude on bed, nude on sheets, seductive nude

Professional, qualified and prestigious.

So far, my status is as a freelance model.

For the future progress of my career, I’ve contracted the agency models Roots Event Organizer in Singapore

With a very reasonable fee, they are prestigious and can increase the movement  of my career more broadly.Hotel Room Nude, asian woman nude, spread leg nude, laying on back, laying on dresser naked, lying on furniture naked, black and white naked

For the record all the things i get,

I’m sure the will of god, and desire, blessings, potential, my career journey, my belief strength and confidence has the will of god almighty.

( There can be no absolutely PREDICTABLE … in death, future, love and even in life.)

One thing I’m sure, God always does what he desires to do.

Fantasy Nude, overgrown Jungle Ruins, pink panties, naked breasts, Indonesian nude female, vines, climbing vines, stone work walls, stone walls, stone archways, stone ruinsAs a human being, I only have a plans and dreams but everything is set up as God.

Art Nude, nude, nude Asian, nude Torso, nude Black and White, black and white, nude asian torso

To view full size, click image

I believe God really love me, how the many blessings I have felt I can not reasonably explain..

Perhaps so many people have just judged me only from my cover look, just judging by how my physical style; but, I don’t care.

I prefer to have a strong belief that God has given me a good way.

I can go forward and grow now because of hard work, patience, faith, principles and toughness:  it’s all based on my own, without help from anyone else in particular.

‘Because all this is the way of God and I deserve to be proud.’ “

Brava Sarah, and thank you.


All images © Photographers et al.


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  1. Susilo says:

    It’s beautyfull art……Very Like…..

  2. Hippy says:

    wow sarah yr pics r amazing! U r so beautiful!

  3. Hippy says:

    Omg sarah the pic with the table light is really very good! Funny,sexy and very naughty! Very clever!

  4. Hippy says:

    Yr pics r really done well u should be very proud of what u have done! U look amazing sarah!

  5. Cornelis Lae says:

    Nice model

  6. jalu says:

    sungguh luarbiasa..next time semoga kita bisa bekerjasama…c.p 085315155584

  7. adadeh says:

    lain kali foto pake swimwear mungkin bagus 😀

  8. roy says:

    sangat menarik…..foto dan modelnya …..sama sama keren

  9. pezzer says:

    nice picture

  10. zul says:

    ngentot yukk?

  11. Kevin says:

    Very nice pict and pose. hopefully you acomplish what you have started.

  12. Yoma Kero says:

    Like’s Picture…

  13. halo Elly Nurhayati pose mu sangat menggoda, ingin ku cumb* dirumu, oooh nikmat nya, im your neighbor (. Y .)

  14. natiq says:

    i love sarah ardhelia

  15. nounou says:

    HD Pict dooonkk….

  16. jati says:

    it’s HOT…

  17. adam says:

    Big bewbs and big a$$. Gan udah liat m2k nya? Gua sih udah. Indah bangets cuy jd pengen…

  18. Thekle says:

    It’s hot

  19. what a nice art, is it art?

  20. tuyul says:

    Enak nih …
    Berapa semalam .?

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