Dancer, Figure Model & Fitness Advocate Bella Moore, Phoenix, Arizona

“I realize I reside outside-of-the-box…,” says Bella Moore.

Nude, Tunnel, Against Wall, Brunette,With a body of work featured in publications and art galleries all over the world, Bella Moore, also know as Amber, has over 10 years experience as a professional glamour and figure model.

She has a dancer’s training, which I love and you see clearly featured Amber’s work.

Being a fan of this style, I was of course naturally drawn in.

In addition to her modeling, Amber has a plethora projects always going in the world of the arts and with various entrepreneurial pursuits.

These include the creation and authoring of two websites:

“My intention is to create authentic content to facilitate an atmosphere that will be enjoyable and motivational.”

Brunette, Exotic, lime green, transparent, almost there, see thru, gauze, sexy, turquoise, nude, dark hair, dark eyes, smoky makeupIn her websites, Amber shares the secrets which keep her in “Top Model Shape” even after 3 children.

Amber is self described as having a “CAN DO attitude” and with an insatiable appetite for high energy activity.

“It is vital for the human body to move and work hard.

Your physical condition is intended to be strong and vibrant.

I have a strong desire to share this with others and thus have written a workout program for who really want optimal health and to live in a Dream Body.”

Brunette, bust up, makeupAmber has spent most of her life pursuing physical challenges.

She has trained for various long distance treks that have included hiking, running and mountain biking.

Her longest trek was a 500 miles backpack into one stretch on The Colorado Trail.

She has run The Imogene Run and Red Rim endurance races and has earned a medal for 3rd place in her first full marathon.

Growing up in Colorado provided Amber a rural playground where she picked up snow boarding as her favorite winter activity.

She claims she’s tried all the ‘Colorado Sports’ at least once …

Amber’s childhood physical training regimens included a demanding weekly schedule of Ballet with weekends of BMX bike racing,

“To please her dad …

I was obviously much more natural as a dancer!

I always took 3rd place in BMX races … Sounds pretty good until you come to learn there were only 3 of us racing!!”

For fun Amber would jog to the summit fourteener’s (fourteener’s are 14,000 foot peak mountains) and she volunteers to that sounding a little crazy…

“But really, when those beautiful mountains are in your backyard, they have a way of calling you out to play!”

Black Cocktail dress, fashion, art photo, glamour modelWhile Amber has been a figure model for 10 years,  she didn’t enter the modeling world until after she had her children.

“I realize for some this might seem a little backwards;  but, I just want women to know just because you have children it doesn’t mean you can’t do things like model …

It’s almost like thinking you can’t dance anymore!

Who says Moms can’t be sexy too?”

I love being apart of the creative process.  I’ve always said modeling is an avenue of performance art, … that is truly my element.”

Toe Shoes, Nude, Black and White, Art Nude, Dancer, Standing on pointe, standing on table, standing on furniture, brunette, long hair, hands on buttocksIn addition to her 3 children, Amber, together with her boyfriend Steve, enjoy raising a large blended family that totals 5 teenage children and 3 dogs …

Amber devotes most of her time to serving her family and says most of her avocations are tied to family, food and fitness.

Amber says what she most wants in life is:

“To give to people the most important gifts ever … in my mind that is fitness and a healthy mindset in their relationship with food.”

Artistic Nude, Black and White, Brunette, Standing, Wood, distressed, Building, WoodenShe feels her Amber Style blog along with her Bare Condition fitness site, give her the perfect platform for adding value to the world – “AmberStyle”

For more of Amber, click here.

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