Photos from Leah Hilton Full Time Professional Nude Model – Providence, Rhode Island, USA

To help kick off Super Bowl Sunday, we have 12 luscious photos from the portfolio of full-time nude model Leah Hilton.  Better than half time Budweiser beer commercials, right?

Leah Hilton, Can't go up any higher, © Mass Model Photographer, nude body suit, pussy, white, red head, implied

Can’t go up any higher Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


Like a Brittany Spears or a Madonna, Leah is devoted to working all angles of the full package.

In addition to making her living through modeling, Leah is also an actress, a singer and a writer.

No relation to the hotel chains or to Paris Hilton, Leah is a charming 21 year old young lady who has been making a successful living as professional nude glamour model for about a year now.

On the phone, little Miss Hilton’s energy was quite positive and immediately apparent.

I asked Leah right off about her photos, many of which while beautifully done are quite blatantly vagina out.

Leah Hilton, Leah Hilton Nude, COLOR!   Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, camel toe, material through vagina, pussy lips, red head, belt, frontal nutidy, pussy lips

Fashionista….in COLOR! Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


Leah is proud of her healthy approach to her life, her body and her sensuality.

She feels no compunction not to be overt in this regard.

Multidimensional, she has a youtube channel with video performances of songs she has written.

Loving to be fit, Leah believes “If you take care of the body, the body will take care of you.”

Leah Hilton’s measurements are 32-25-34 inches with an A cup.

At 5′ 3″ tall and 115 pounds wet, Leah has lovingly created her fitness body and feels proud to utilize her form fully in her nude modeling career.

I'll wait for you...   Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, Nude, black and white, breasts, side view, light hair, blonde, red head, profile, window nude, light

I’ll wait for you… Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


When asked her secret on her success as a working model, Leah shared that she has been modeling for 3 years.

The first two and a half years were more of a hobby.  More a kind of “for fun” learning experience.

Leah Hilton, Oh no she didn't!   Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, woman masterbating, in shower, nude, full frontal, nudity, red head, breasts, against tiles, touching pussy, vagina

Oh no she didn’t! Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


Leah works hard to achieve through work out and lifestyle a fitness body.  “A fit body makes you feel more comfortable with who you are.”

When asked if she would model if she weighted 300 lbs she replied:

“It really depends on how I carried myself, if I felt like I had something different than someone else and how I brought it.

I would use it to show how I help others, to find a way that you could show that it’s beautiful.”

She went on to explain, if she were 300 lbs, she would work to get herself to a more healthy weight.

Her focus is on health; and, she likes to inspire people to be a more healthy them.

Leah Hilton, I kissed a girl and I liked it!  Leah Hilton with Tiffany Fox © Mass Model Photographer, two girls, naked, nude, pussy lips, ass holes, sphincter, anal, anus, buttocks, blonde and brunette, black and white, red head, kissing, lesbians, spiked heal shoes, from behind, kneeling

I kissed a girl and I liked it! Leah Hilton with Tiffany Fox © Mass Model Photographer


Of the right in front quality of nudity in her modeling, Leah quite eloquently explains:

“The body is beautiful … people try to make it dirty; but, it’s not. The body is beautiful,

If you believe the body is beautiful, it’s more about feeling beautiful inside and out.

That’s the reason why I model, to inspire people to better themselves in the ways they can.    When a lot of people view it, they view it in a more artistic way.

Or they say, ‘her vagina is just out there….’

… there is something that catches them; and/or, they see something in my eye.

They read my blog.

They see my work out videos or my singing videos.

They see, ‘she’s so positive.’

They see the beauty of my mind.”

Yes, she has some workout videos and a solo album is coming out.

“When I go out, I see people and their environment.

I include this into my lyrics.

They won’t just see it as some girl who just threw her vagina out there.

They will learn how hard I work to be an inspiration.”

Leah Hilton, What did you say   Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, nude, naked, buttocks, breasts, red headed, woman, sexy

What did you say” Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


Leah charges and gets $125 per hour for nude modeling and is in demand enough to make a living as a full-time model since this last summer.

It got to a point, feeling good in her life, where Leah realized modeling was something she always wanted to take on in journeying towards her main goal of getting her singing career going.

“Modeling just comes with it.

It’s the whole package people are looking for now-a-days.”

Leah Hilton Nude, Nude Figure by Window  Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, nude, ass, buttocks, nude, figure study, black and white, from behind

Nude Figure by Window Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


Leah Hilton Naked, 1960's Barbie Doll~  Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, Naked, Pussy lips, pink pussy, full frontal, spread legs, thighs, laying down, couch, pretty girl, naked woman, boobs, breasts, nipples

1960’s Barbie Doll~ Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


In her first two years of modeling, Leah was gaining experience. Working with a quality of collaborators and teachers, largely for trade, who taught her that to model and make money you have to carry something different.

“Some girls just wake up and say, yeah, I wanna model.

There is so much more.

You have to know the angles and posing and facial expressions.

And, you have to feel inner beauty to have the expression show on the outside, where the camera can capture it.

It’s so much more than just a pretty face.

A lot of models don’t know where to start.

It’s all a matter of who you know and who your work with and how well they are able to teach you the correct ways of modeling.

Of course the model has to have something different about them or just be another model.

You have to have that look.

Doesn’t matter the look.

You have to be able to transform yourself into a lot of different looks.

That’s another big one that they look for.”

Leah Hilton, Eat my shorts!   Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, nude, naked, full frontal, nudity, blue jean shorts, camel toe, pussy lips, built girl, naked woman

Eat my shorts! Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


Her $125 per hour rates are for “unpublished nudes.” Her agreements with photographers are that no form of nipple or vagina may be showing without her approval. This allows Leah to exercise a control of her public image to only those photographs she feels are tasteful.

While she is available for implied nudes @ $100 per hour and clothed @ $ 75 per hour, the bulk of her work is nudes.

The way she gets her work is through freelancing on a lot of modeling sites, with most work coming through ModelMayhem.

Leah Hilton, Implied by a hand and a hair  Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, nude, nudity, naked, pussy lips covered by hand, full frontal, red head, hair over breasts

Implied by a hand and a hair Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


She prepares for a shoot by always asking the photographer what they are looking to shoot, to learn what to bring wardrobe and shoes wise to the shoot.

She likes one on one talking before the shoot to connect with the photographer, or will use email if that is more comfortable.

When she arrives:

“I just show up and do it.

It’s just knowing what angles are best.

Just knowing your body to be able to work with any prop.

Being in any pose and knowing how to present yourself.”

Of course, it wasn’t always so. It is “something learned through experience.”

Leah has hours and hours and years and years of practicing, which allows her to now taking an idea and running with it.

Leah Hilton, Leah, The GLADIATOR!   Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, nude, legs spread, high healed sandals, pussy lips, tits, breasts, nudity, erotic, hands on head, lying down

Leah, The GLADIATOR! Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


When shooting, what runs through Leah’s head?

“First of all the inner connection with feeling beautiful.

Paying attention to what the position of my body and the location of the camera.

Thinking of what I can do to fix the pose to make it the best it can be.

Expression is vital and must be forming a complementary expression to body’s pose.

I am feeling the inner beauty.

Models can be the most beautiful gorgeous ever… if you can’t read that through the eyes, it’s just another model.

You have to know they are real.

They have to express that through the eyes to you.

You want to feel it through the eyes. A model needs to know this is not just ‘let’s do a snap shot.’

You are trying to portray through the camera exactly what you are feeling through the eyes.

You can’t do this through a model whose eyes, whose doors to their thoughts, are shut.

You wont feel that.

Most new models, they don’t understand it’s not just the body. Not just the pretty face.

It sell through the eyes.

Giving that connection, through the eyes, you want the viewer to feel exactly what you’re feeling.

Trying to portray a sexy look, very elegant, you have to feel that inside.

You have to show it to the camera.

Then the camera will take that picture; and, then you can share it with the rest of the audience.

That’s why inner beauty is so important.

If you have a model that doesn’t feel beautiful, the energy that comes through the eyes is shut off.

Then that doesn’t create a powerful picture.

People can see it.

It’s just another picture of a pretty girl.

Opening the eyes and letting the inner beauty shine through the eyes is the key to selling the photo.

While body, form and grace is important,

starting first and focusing with the eyes, that’s about inner beauty.

That’s where it has to come from.”

Leah Hilton, Yay for Back Muscles! hehe   Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer, nude, nudity, naked, pussy lips, legs, shower, from the back, red head

Yay for Back Muscles! hehe Leah Hilton © Mass Model Photographer


Thanks Leah, for adding beauty, thoughts and cheer to today’s festivities.

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Images © Mass Model Photographer

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