Sony Alpha a77 – aka Alpha 77, A77 & α77 – Hands On Preview Video of this APS-C Sensor DSLR – Pointer to things to come @ Nikon?

Sony, Alpha, A77, DSLR, APS-C

Sony Alpha A77

Sony’s α77 (alpha) SLT-A77VQ Digital SLR is not actually a DSLR in the classical sense.


Due to the α77‘s reliance on a semi-silvered fixed place mirror system.

On first viewing, this A77 appears ground breaking in its features set and capabilities.

Where Sony goes, Nikon may soon follow sensor wise, as Sony manufactures Nikon sensors.   Therefore, the Alpha 77 remains interesting for me, even if I stay a Nikon guy.

Let me invite you, check out this really cool short high quality video demonstrating some of the Sony a77‘s key features:


  • 24.3 Mega Pixel APS-C CMOS Sensor 
  • Electronic View Finder
  • 12 FPS (Frames Per Second) Continuous Burst mode
    • Continuous AF (Auto Focus) in Burst mode
  • 1920 x 1080 HD Movies
  • Sony’s in Body Steady Shot Image Stabilization
  • 19 AF points
    • 11 are Cross Type
  • 16,000 ISO to 100 ISO range
  • Auto HDR, looking forward to seeing this one!

While Sony bodies have different features, like Sony builds in its Image Stabilization in Camera Body, Nikon image stabilizes in certain lenses… 

Still, what key features a Sony sensor has, will often soon be seen in Nikon Camera bodies.

So, we may expect to see a 16,000 ISO enabled 24 Meg Nikon crop sensor camera soon … N’est pas?


Tradition SLRs and DSLRs have a mirror which is down when focusing and flips up when shooting.

Sony’s Alpha 77 uses a Stationary Shoot Through Partially Mirrored Surface, which reflects some light into a Digital Screen Viewfinder and allows some to pass through to the sensor.

This Stationary Shoot Through Mirror / Digital Screen Viewfinder provides certain advantages, like being able to amplify light in the view finder, and being able to continuously focus during burst shots.

While semi-mirrored DSLR’s are not new, the Nikon D7000 uses one, I’ll wait and see on this feature combination, as I am accustomed to and have a preference for straight optical viewfinders…  Still, who knows… maybe the day has come…?

To preview the Sony A77 body and/or kits lens details on Amazon, click here.




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