How you gonna carry your Nikon DSLR camera around? OP/TECH USA Pro Strap for cameras – Review

Op Tech, USA, 1501012, Pro, Strap, Nikon D7000, 70-200mm f2.8 VR2 Nikkor LensWhen I carried my Nikon D7000 around for a few hours, my shoulders used to ache, until I got smart and switched to the Op/Tech USA 1501012 Pro Strap.

This got worst when I added the heavy 70-200 f2.8 VR2 Nikkor, and, a second Nikon D7000 to my load.

With a second camera, one DLSR must be hanging on a strap or held by an assistant.

My first pass solution, based on a recommendation, was to obtain an Op/Tech 1501012 Pro Strap for cameras and binoculars.

It was a bit ‘exotic looking’ from what I thought a camera strap might ought to look like, though not outrageously so.  With the strong recommendation, I decided to give the $20.00 strap a try.

Nikon AN-DC3-Strap, Sling, Strap, Factory, OEM, Nikon USAIn actual use, there was an immediate and ongoing love affair with this new strap.

Where before the factory Nikon AN-DC3 Strap had cut into my neck, the Op/Tech’s touch was more a firm secure caress.

Now I knew the camera was firmly slung and secured in place, without accompanying painful reminders of its presence.  Exactly the touch I was looking for.

The Op/Tech has wide straps of cushioning and shock absorbing neoprene in its middle section, the part which provides padding and grabs against the shoulders and neck.  From this wide part, the Pro Strap tapers quickly down to a narrow 1/2 inch black webbing strap.  It is this 1/2 strap portion that connects to the swivels on the D7000 body lugs in the normal way.

There are two quick release snaps, one on each side of the  Pro Strap, which I have never released, except to occasionally untwist the web straps every few weeks.

Op Tech USA 1501012 Pro Strap, Non Slip Bumps, Neoprene

Non Slip Bumps on Op Tech Pro Strap

The neoprene has a few ‘bumps’ of a silicon like material, which helps keep the strap from slipping around on your neck and shoulder, see image above.

My Op/Tech Pro Strap was a life and neck saver…

The problem was, I had two cameras and only one strap…

The other day, I went out and took the camera with the pretty factory Nikon strap and the 70-200 f2.8 VR2 lens.  Did I mention the 70-200 2.8 is heavy?  The camera body with the Op/Tech strap was mounted with a different lens on a tripod.

So, I did the expedient thing… and grabbed the free camera with the Nikon factory strap.

After less than 30 minutes on the Nikon strap, I was in ever increasing amounts of pain.  I had to start ‘carrying’ the camera by hand, to help alleviate the pain in my neck.  Moving the strap between shoulder, neck and hand… in attempts to remain in some degree of bearability…

This lead me recently to order a second Op/Tech Pro Strap.

Again, I took the D7000 with the hefty 70-200 f2.8 VR2 on an outing, this time slung with my new strap.

After 3 hours out, carrying the combination, I was still okay.

The Op/Tech still held the camera, reliably and comfortably.

Amazing after my recent agonies with the factory strap.

If you are going to be carrying your DSLR around, especially with heavy lenses, you need something better than the factory strap to sling your load.

I have two Op/Tech’s now, one in Black and one in Steel.  I like the two different colors to help me differentiate D7000 bodies at a glance.  I also prefer the grayish/black tones, to remain unobtrusive during shoots.

The straps also come in Red/Green, etc…  While these may make your camera stand out, or look pretty, I prefer to keep as unobtrusive as possible while carrying a camera in public.

Priced currently at about $20.00 you gotta ask yourself, is your neck worth $20.00?

You bet, especially after you cut into yourself a few times with the factory strap.  Or if you are smarter, before all that pain.

If you have had any kind of camera pain carrying around your DSLR, try the Op/Tech 1501012.

The Op/Tech 1501012 is available new on Amazon by clicking here, or on Adorama by clicking here.



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