Beauty Head shot taken with Sigma 50mm f1.4 for Model’s Portfolio

Glamour Head Shot, Model Portfolio Head Shot, Sigma 50mm HSM F1.4, Nikon D90

Sigma 50mm HSM F1.4 @ f9.0, Nikon D90 Camera ISO 200 1/125 Sec Exposure

Beauty Head shot, taken for model’s portfolio using Sigma 50mm HSM f1.4 and Nikon D90.

Much of this session was taken using the Sigma 50mm f1.4.

The widest open shots were usually taken at f2.2 or so.

While f1.4 is nice for bokeh.  It is a very shallow depth of field for most shooting applications.  Even a slight turn of the head at f1.4 makes getting both eyes in focus impossible.

At f9.0 as here, the image is flawless and can stand quite a substantial enlargement.

To view the image larger size, click here.

Aren’t here eyes just gorgeous?

As for the Sigma, except for some really crazy green ghosting that can occur with out of focus highlights when wide open, the lens is awesome for portraits in a studio… especially when you stop down a bit and use some studio strobes… Hello, I’m shooting in a studio …

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