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Various techniques or styles in photography. May also involve how we use gear, location, light and personalities in quirky ways.

Like to be able to open an object in Camera Raw after having opened it in Photoshop CS6?

Using Photoshop CS6, and I’ll wager CS5 and earlier versions as well, it is possible to easily open an image in Camera Raw, after having opened the image in Photoshop. Well, it’s easy if you know how. Why would you care to … Continue reading

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Multimedia Slide Show Created with ProShow Slide Show for Photographic Images

Another Proshow Pro Video Slide Show. Proshow Pro, the PC

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How do we deal with printing displaying and storing all our digital photographs?

Here is the thing… we can now take so many images, it is impossible to have enough wall space to mount them all, or photo albums to store them all. Many digital images now end up on Facebook, or on … Continue reading

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Professional Web Presence and Driving Customers to your Site … A & Q

Some answers and some questions ( A & Q ) about pro photography web presence and driving useful traffic, i.e. traffic converting to paying client types. The answers are about my current solution sets and opinions … The questions are … Continue reading

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9 Tips, How does one find and shoot nude models?

A lot of photographers are interested to know how they too can shoot nude women … I know I was. At first, finding nude models to photograph may seem a bit daunting… So, how can it be done? 1> Be a … Continue reading

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12 Glamour Photo Lighting Demonstration Video Tutorials

Starts with Beauty Dish, adds reflectors and hair lights and shows effects of adding each.   Two Light High Key Demo for Blonde Glamour Model, Main Light is Large 74″ Elinchrom Octabox with a second light to light a seamless white … Continue reading

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Catchlights What’s your favorite set up? Octoboxes, Grids, Ring Lights, Umbrellas, Soft Boxes, Beauty Lights, Florescent Tubes?

  In my initial quest for the softest light quality, I went first via the route of seeking and trying ever larger light diffusion systems which I could reasonably find … Having tried several light modifiers, the quest for larger and softer culminated for me with what Paul C. Buff … Continue reading

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Compositional Elements in Photography – 12 Video Demos – Depth of Field, Rule of Thirds, Golden Mean aka Phi, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Spirals, 1:1.618, etc.

Woodward shares photo compositional theories using photo examples inlcuding:  Variations of “Rule of Thirds,” Frames within Frames, Pose Directions, Diagonals, Swishes, S Curves, Vanishing Points, etc. Sound volume is a bit low, otherwise phenomenal Video Demo on these topics.   … Continue reading

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Stopped Up or Down? Depth of Field, Sensor Size, Aperture, Sharpness and Publication size, how do these interact in Photographs?

What are some real life practical examples of how lens aperture affects Depth of Field (DOF) and various forms of apparent sharpness? Changing apertures, sensors sizes or lens focal lengths have real world implications for several forms of distortion effects … Continue reading

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Rear Curtain Flash Sync and Slow Shutter Speed To Catch Ambient Light Ambiance

More light may be captured in cameras as a function of primarily four things:   larger apertures, more sensitive recording medias, slower shutter speeds and more available lights. It was surprisingly elucidating to observe Phoenix, Arizona area wedding photographer Kenneth Robert’s methods for capturing and maintaining ambiance and moods inherent with … Continue reading

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What draws attention in a glamour photograph?

What draws eyes and grabs attention in photos? If you guessed eyes and faces, you are correct. However, this is a generalized starting point. Composition is important. For example, much is written about the “Rule of Thirds” in visual composition.

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John Foley Editorial Photography Shoot

A great deal of what I have learned about glamour photography has been from the words, photographs and observation of other photographers.   As so much may be learned while quietly watching someone else work, I was fortunate, this past weekend, to have the honor and privilege of observing fellow Phoenix photographer … Continue reading

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