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Topics related to the collections of shots which make up a photographers’ portfolio. How we select, create, archive, distribute, store, showcase and samplings of portfolios.

Ballet Dance Fine Art Photography by Italian Photographer Claudio Ciani

Claudio Ciani is a 40 years old photographer following his passion for art nude photography of dancers in his home town of La Spezia, in Liguria, Italy. While he loves to shoot in color, today we are looking at a sampling … Continue reading

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What’s the secret about an image which makes it captivating?

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know” – Diane Arbus In many great images we find ourselves drawn to,  it may be because of the secret about a secret within the story of the … Continue reading

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Glamour and Fine-Art Photographer D’ Magi Visual Concepts of Los Angeles, California

N. M. Williams of D’Magi Visual Concepts is a Los Angeles based portrait, glamour and fine-art photographer. If you don’t like his sensual, thematic glamour, and what’s not to like, then there are his pretty cool portraits of celebrities, like Elvira, … Continue reading

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Greg Papazian, Sherman Oaks, California based photographer of music bands and women

‘The Cage’ first drew me into Greg Papazian’s work like a moth to a flame. What crazy wonderful lines and angles everywhere. It turns out, Greg was shooting as a professional photographer of rock bands from early in the 70’s. … Continue reading

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Painterly Styled Artistic Photographer Bill Resto of Pixel Elegance, San Diego, California

Bill Resto is a photographer and digital artist based in San Diego, California.  His company is Pixel Elegance. The craft, character and unique style of Bill’s images is immediately obvious and yet of a depth which transcends anything akin to … Continue reading

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Beauty and Fashion Photographer GD Whalen of Asheville, North Carolina

GD Whalen is a photographer of fashion and beauty residing in Asheville, North Carolina. I became drawn into the beauty of GD’s images, particularly through my attraction for his successful use of various body decorated makeup themes, which recur in his works. Through this decorative … Continue reading

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Photographer of Women, Steven A Thompson of Los Angeles, CA

The sensual allure of Leah Hilton magically ‘floating’ in a darkened bedroom first lead me to explore more of California photographer Steven A Thompson’s work. “I’ve been a photographer, in loose terms, for as long as I can remember. Inspired … Continue reading

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Figure Studies and Fashion from Hamburg Photographer Timo Frank

Hamburg photographer Timo Frank, aka Timo Le Fronque, with this image of a pale skinned dancer, crouched yet leaping, provides us a study in nude whitish tones, which draws viewers in as effectively as bare white light bulbs draw in moths. For Timo, it all started … Continue reading

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Barry, of Bread and Shutter, is a Beauty Photographer in London, England, who trained on movie sets before turning to still photography

Barry, of Bread and Shutter came to my attention on seeing his image of the blue-eyed woman sporting the mustard colored gauze, which won the POTD contest on ModelMayhem ( MM ) on October 3rd. In interviewing Bread and Shutter for … Continue reading

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Business of Photography from Fashion Photographer and Photography Seminar Leader Charles Lucima

Charles Lucima is a photographer who leveraged a strong business background to propel rapid professional success. Based in Los Angeles, Charles specializes in editorial, fashion, beauty, and advertising photography. While the quality of Charles’ images speak for themselves,  more impressive … Continue reading

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Thomas Dodd, Painterly Style Photographer & Digital Artist, Turning Today into Yesterday, via Camera & Computer, One Image at a time

Thomas Dodd is an Atlanta-based photographer/digital artist and photoshop wizard whose work blurs the line between photography and classical art. On viewing Thomas’ photos, we are transported into the realm of dreams of yesteryear, made of course today as we … Continue reading

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Fashion and Beauty Photography by BorderLineProductions – Chicago, IL

About 6 years ago Joe decided that it was time for a change in his life and is now photographing Beauty and Fashion as BorderLineProductions. His photographs of women are stylised by his characteristic touch of shooting mostly in softish, … Continue reading

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Gracefully Wicked’s Broken Doll Photo – Creative Process & Concept Shot in Camera

Regular winner of MM’s POTD (ModelMayhem’s Picture of the Day) Awards, Tiffany Carter is Gracefully Wicked. Tiffany’s work first appeared here on pages March, 2011, click to view feature. Today, our Gracefully Wicked woman shares her technique and creative process for … Continue reading

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