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Where to make a living in photography in the digital age ??

Do it as a dedicated professional, catering to the segments of the market which value our craft. Monkeys do evolve, and so must professional photographers. The niche at the high end of professional photography has been getting harder and harder … Continue reading

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Panoramas for Google Maps

Been busy getting precertified for taking panos for use in Google Maps… Pretty tricky stuff, lots of it under NDA… So I cannot tell you how I do it… It is pretty cool thou… Here is a pano tour I … Continue reading

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How to set rates between models and photographers, who’s paying who?

There are many articles out there on how to set rates and charge for photography and modeling services. This article is geared toward the freelancers among us, and primarily to portfolio work. Rates vary widely, from a few dollars per hour to … Continue reading

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Stock Photography – Using it, making money with it

Well, we all hear how it’s hard making money in stock photography due to the microstock photography dropping ASP’s (Average Selling Prices) for licenses and the plethora of images now available for stock download today. Still, I have just attended a … Continue reading

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What’s the key to business success in photography?

Success in photography requires more than just a great eye, or the right gear, it requires… are you ready? Success in a photography business requires the M word… Marketing… And, marketing requires a kind of vision.  A vision which can … Continue reading

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Links to Yucelphoto

Link backs here: Many of the linking service do not require link backs, some do, and some give you a boost in their rankings for providing a link back. Anyone else use any link/list/referral services? Any pros or cons for … Continue reading

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