“Water Dance” by Howard Schatz’s – In Pool Art Nude Photos of Dancers Book Review

Water Dance, by, Howard Schatz, Cover, Dancer, Water, Ballet, Pool, Photo, Nude, Chiffon, San Fransisco Ballet, SF BalletWater Dance” © 1996 is a ground breaking book by Howard Schatz, in which are published some of the images which started the now popular nudes in pools photos we now see in so many great photographer’s portfolios, and in which many would be great photographers will dabble.

For “Water Dance,” Schatz worked with dancers, both male and female, many of these from the San Fransisco Ballet.

The shots are sprinkled with chiffons and with costuming created by the SF Ballet company clothier Patty Fitzpatrick specifically for underwater use.

Then of course there are the nudes … many with red heads.

This being the 90’s, the carpets and drapes are matching.

Ballet bars are an occasional prop.   Also there are backdrops and of course swimming pools.

While this is not my personal first choice of Schatz’s several pool photography books, many of the images, in addition to be avant-garde at the time, remain breathtakingly beautiful today.

My first choice being the newer “H2O” © 2007 to read a review click here.


  • Schatz used Balcar Strobes, safely located “outside the pool room” for lighting.
  • Most of the photos were taken with a Nikonos RS SLD and with the 20-35mm Zoom Lens.
  • Some were taken using Hasselblad gear in a Gates/Petersen housing.

Beyond a few tid bits, there is little in the way of technical information or words in this volume of photographs.

At 176 11.5″ x 9″ pages, this is a book full of photographs.   Many many lovely photographs.

If you love photos of dancers, pool photos of muscular figures of men and women, and are particularly interested in the genesis of the pool figure photo phenomenon, you make like to include a copy of “Water Dance” in your photo book library.

You may buy or peruse one by clicking here.


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    dance water and nudity are good for art

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