‘Visually Hungry’ by Photographer Rankin – Book Review

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Visually Hungry‘ © 2007 by Photographer Rankin is another one of his hard to find collectibles photo book volumes.

Rankin’s style is a kind of editorial fashion.

Of the two of his works I have viewed, this one is by far my favorite.  And is actually quite good.

For Rankin fans, the other volume is I reviewed is ‘Heidilicious‘, which is cover to cover Heidi Klum shots.  For review, click here.

The quality and variety of subjects of photos in ‘Visually Hungry‘ satisfies me, in a way which ‘Heidilicious‘ could not.

The subjects in ‘Visually Hungry‘ are of the famous and semi famous.

The pages are graced by models, actors, actresses and the like … You will recognize many faces when you see them.

The portraits section in particular views like a modern who’s who … The Rolling Stones, Bono, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, to name a few.

Daniel Craig, Head shot,Rankin, Visually HungrySome of the photos are quite powerful and moving.

This book can move and inspire, here and there.

While some of the photos do seem a bit self indulgent, in fact, much of the photography in ‘Visually Hungry‘ is quite captivatingly well done.

The best photo?  Could be it’s on the cover.

The interior is little like the cover… erotically speaking.

Ever hear not to judge a book by its cover?  This is the book they were talking about.

The naughty bits of this one are mostly all on the outside.

There is a touch of nudity on the inside, but is sparse, really, with a balance between editorial and artistic photographic styles.

There are definitely art nude bits in there.

One Dress, visually Hungry, Dancer, Black and white, Rankin, ThemeOne series of photos which are intriguing and inspiring for me were those in the “One Dress” section.

In “One Dress” where Rankin uses one beige dress with women of widely different ages, ethnicities, sizes, colorings, including Lucy Liu.  These disparately different women are each posed in this one same dress.  Inspiring what can come from so simple a theme.

Also, gives great insight to how one dress can say so much, depending on the context of the woman wearing it.  Elucidating.

Love this one series and it alone makes the book well worth seeing.

And, yet, there is more.

Rankin’s self portraiture takes self portraiture to entirely new levels.  He has done manipulations and series of self portraits better seen than described.  Quite artistic really.

Sure, there were images that did not move me.  This though is typical of almost any series of art or photos by any artist or photographer…. do you like every Picasso you have ever seen?

Rankin, Nude Woman, Large Breasts, Art NudeVisually Hungry‘ is large at 372 pages,  13″ x 10″ x 1.25″ size and weighting almost 6 pounds.

This also not a cheap book.  Expect to pay $100 bucks plus or minus a bit.

Still, it is a look into what a highly successful working pro shoots.  Rankin gets to shoot really cool people and often does it spectacularly well.

To buy ‘Visually Hungry‘ on Amazon, click here.


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