“Vargas” by Alberto Vargas and Reid Austin, with Foreword by Hugh Hefner – Book Review

Shelley Winters, Vargas, Alberto Vargas, Foreward by Hugh Hefner, Reid Austin, Hugh Hefner, out of print, book cover, paper backVargas,” Gotta have Vargas if you’re going to be shooting pinup, or glamour, don’t you?

After all, Alberto Vargas is the father of photo realistic airbrush glamour pinup.

His images were of  such fine detail as to be almost confusable, particularly from a distance, for photographs.

So, of course I have a Vargas collection…

Should you?

This volume is about 12″x9″ in soft cover with a foreword by Hugh Hefner and written by Alberto Vargas and Reid Austin.

Page 114 has a Marilyn Monroe, stylized from 1953.  Without the caption, I wouldn’t know it’s her.  Viva artistic licence, what?

At about 128 pages, with Shelley Winters gracing the front cover, and an “Art Deco Marlene Dietrich” on page 8 opposite Hef’s foreword, wherein Hef tells us in broad beautiful stokes how he met  and commissioned Vargas in 1956 for Playboy, when “Playboy Magazine” was still in infancy.

This is followed by about 45 pages of black and white Vargas drawings and biographical details, then, yay… 80 pages of full color Vargas drawings, ordered by decades, from the 1920’s and on through into the 1960’s and 1970’s.

This particular volume is © 1978 and my copy was printed by Harmony Books, perhaps in 1984.

Finally, just near the end, is a two page insert by Vargas himself, where he explains his technique in creating the “Vargas Look” we so immediately recognize and love.

If you love Vargas, or need a Vargas Pinup book copy for your studio library, these volumes are currently available used from Amazon for $9-$60 plus shipping, by clicking here.


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  2. m a flinchbaugh says:

    looking for reid austin knew him when he lived in fort lauderal fl was wandering if he is still living. If still living would like to hear from him.

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