‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today’ – Volume 3 – Book Review

Ballet Dancer Nude, World's Greatest Erotic ArtThe World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 3‘,  is 272 pages of the most fabulous, according to some, erotic art of 2009.

Volume 3 is very much like Volume 2 and Volume 1 … not a how to book.

This is a display of some of the finest erotic art available from some of the most talented artists of our time circa the copyright of 2009.

These are images of art to enjoy and inspire.

Over 200 pages are devoted to full-page examples of one fantastic art piece after another.   The pages are is 8.5″ x 11″ and about 40 of them are devoted to credits and bios of the jurors and the like.

Did I say jurors?  Yes, the art here is all juried.

Sexy Nuns, Fecund Nuns, Busty Nuns, Hippy Nuns, Curvy Nuns Black Sister, Manfred Holz, Ceramic, SculptureIn this 3rd Volume, there is also now a handy section, near the back, with a directory to the artists.  What a nice resource.

There are currently 4 Volumes to this series.

Pierced Pointed Tongue, short haired blonde, nude, Giseppe Petrilli, Nell #2My issue of Volume 3 is © 2009 is hard cover, full of delicious contents, all provided courtesy of Erotic Signatures Publishing which publishes all four volumes.

For Volume 3, there are both hard cover and soft cover versions available.

While ‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 3‘ is not hard to find, it’s a pricey collectors’ item.

Quality remains superb.  The cover image of the nude ballet dancer on a pedestal is the winner of the Fine Art Category and sets the tone for the rest of the book’s selections.

Jester Going Down on Queen, Jester, Albicocca, Digital Art, JesterThe subjects of the erotica are wide ranging, from tame, to homo erotic, to brazen.  Fetish exists, but does is not inordinately represented.

Arrangement is now expanded to five categories:

    • Bondage Ballet, John Tisbury, erotic ballet, bondageFine Art
    • Photography
    • Digital Art
    • Mixed Media
    • Sculpture

If you like erotic art of the highest quality, and are open-minded as to your erotic art tastes, ‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 3‘ is a must see.

For lovers of the erotic arts, ‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 3‘, along with ‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 2‘ and ‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 1‘, get my highest recommendations for books of erotic art images.

Tattooing vagina, Hot Tatts, Fine Art, Erotic Tattoos, Erotic Tattooing, Anthony D. Gonzales, Color Pencil inkThese volumes, if you can find one, tend to be pricey.  I have seen them listed for several hundred dollars used … with paper backs generally a bit less than hard covers.

If you get to see an copy lying around somewhere, do look inside!

You can probably locate a preowned copy on Amazon by clicking here.

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