“The Digital Female Nude” by Photographer Peter Adams – Book Review

Digital Female Nude, Peter Adams, Front Cover What first grabs you in “The Digital Female Nude” is the great nudes.

Peter Adams is an Australian photographer extraordinaire of the female nude form.

The Digital Female Nude” is a 176 pages bound in paperback with half half mix of words and photos.

It’s fairly thin book, about 0.5 inches thick and 10 x 7 inches is sized a bit smaller than a page of printer paper.

This is a book of art nudes of women.  The images mainly range from superb to outstanding, with the instructionally illustrative piece here and there for good measure.

Peter is a prolific photographer of prodigious talent.  Image after image demonstrates his mastery of the female art nude genre.

Orange Caviar Heart, heart shaped pubes, heart shaped pubic decorIn addition to the excellent photographic images, which themselves would constitute sufficient reason for purchase, the mix of words is just at the right level to provide both education and inspiration.

woman in tree truck nude, digital female nude, peter adamsA wide variety of Photographic Questions are raised including:

  • “What sort of pictures do you want to make?”
    • Get inspiration from photographic magazines and visit art galleries, including of those of paintings of the masters.
  • “When does an image become sexual?”
    • When a second person, male of female, is in the image, or when the subject is looking at the camera.

feather on nippleIn keeping with his art nude formulaic format, most of Peter’s images have the model gazing away from the camera.  Often faces are turned away, eyes are covered or gazes are not direct …  and, Peter creates a very artistic and pleasing nude product, repeatedly.

Maybe he’s onto something, yes?

Totally up to date with a 2010 © and perhaps timeless in its imagery, “The Digital Female Nude” is an excellent choice for those who appreciate nude female photography, and/or wish to learn more about this genre.

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