‘Superbeauty’ by Photographer J. Stephen Hicks – Book Review

Superbeauty, J Stephen Hicks, Front Cover, Brunette Nude Profile ‘Superbeauty‘ by J. Stephen Hicks is a 160 page hardcover volume of photographs of beautiful nude women.

If you have ever seen some of Stephen’s video of his photo demonstrations, he is a master of outdoor lighting setups for a kind of editorial Playboy Magazine style of look.

The first 10 pages are in English and German and give a little bit of bio information on Hicks.  With regards to his methods, little beyond the fact that he was shooting exclusively digital in the last 5 years, book is © 2010, is to be learned.

This is not a book for learning how to shoot photographs in Stephen’s style.

Superbeauty, J Stephen Hicks, "It is hard for me to see something really beautiful and not photograph it.  It's torture for me...", rear cover

"It is hard for me to see something really beautiful and not photograph it. It's torture for me..."

This is a book of photographs of beautiful women, nude of course, who seem to be comfortable and happy, jumping and splashing and playing, mostly in natural settings like beaches, or outdoors.  While there are some few indoor shots, many of these have a look like they were shot near windows and such, so as to have a lit by sun indoors look.

Sun Lit indoor NudeI know from experience with his video lighting instructionals that Stephen heavily modifies his lighting.

His genius is in how natural his light and women look.

Superbeauty‘ is 12 x 9.5 x 0.75 inches with page after page of beautiful women having a seemingly fun time, nude.  And, it’s many different women.

It’s kind of like having the picture pages from lots of Playboy’s all in one book of many different models.

High Key Blonde wearing only platform shoes and pantiesIf you like this kind of picture book, ‘Superbeauty‘ may be a great find for you.

If you were looking for more of a how to book, this is not it.

The images are also not so ‘fine art’ nor are they erotic.

The photos on the covers are very representative of what’s inside.

Naked girls having a good time, well photographed, in a Playboyish style.

If you like that, then try ‘Superbeauty‘.

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