‘Posing Techniques, for Photographing Model Portfolios’ by Billy Pegram – Book Review

Posing Techniques, for Photographing, Model Portfolios, Billy Pegram, Book, Front CoverPosing Techniques, for Photographing Model Photography” is very much about posing for Model Portfolios, a subject area it handles well.

This volume touches on other areas of about posing briefly.

For instance, “Posing Techniques” touchingly discusses the rule of thirds and the C,S, & I, body pose line techniques.   This CSI technique, if you are more interested in the details of this excellent method are thoroughly handled in “Posing for the Camera“.

What “Posing Techniques” does do fairly well, is address issues of issues around shooting and directing posing for Model Portfolios.  Hello, it’s in the title, yeah?

Model Portfolios is the emphasis, broken down into and emerging from, what is it the portfolio is trying to accomplish for the model?

That is, is it to be a head shot and therefore be about the model?   Then she should be looking towards the camera with her eyes…

Direct Eye Contact, Commercial Image, Model, Commercial, Portfolio, ImagesIs it for a model seeking commercial print work?  In this case, the model’s job is to draw attention to the product, not away from it.  The product needs to be fully visible;  and, perhaps model should gaze off camera, so as not to detract attention from the product.

Proper Product, Proper Hand Posing, Hand Posing, Purse, Handbag, Product photo, Model Posing

Proper Product and Hand Posing

Shooting for a Makeup stylist?  Then Billy suggests the power and necessity of a closed eye shot, thus showing the makeup over the entire lids.

And so on.

Pretty cool actually.

Posing Techniques” is paperback bound, 128 pages and 11″ x 8.5″ x 0.5″ kind of magazine sized.

Posing Techniques, Photographing Model Portfolios, Rear Cover, woman in mirror, applying makeup in mirror, blonde in mirror, applying lipstick in mirror

It is about 60-70% demo photos and the rest is explanatory text and captioning.

This is not a coffee table photo book to show off cool photos with.

This is a book about how to do something.  The poses and photos selected have an eye towards the task at hand.

If your goal is becoming more proficient for model portfolio work, this has some pretty handy tips.  You may also learn a thing or two about how to direct models differently when shooting for different kinds of jobs… starting with the ends in mind.

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