“Painting the Body Beautiful: A Showcase of Expert Body Painting” by Art Ketchum – Book Review

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Painting the Body Beautiful: A Showcase of Expert Body Painting” is a fun book of body painting.

I have a fairly extensive and growing collection of body painting photo books and shoot quite a bit of bodypaint personally.

So, you might assume, I do like body paint.

And, you’d be right.   I do!

For examples of my body paint art nudes, click here.

So what’s makes this book of body paint so fun?

Art Ketchum is a photographer with 25 years experience and here he has teamed with Jim Brando, a body painter of kitsch.

What kind of kitsch?  Kitsch like girls painted like American flags or into firemen’s uniforms and painted on lace underwear or exercise tights …

Sure, there are also girls with flower bouquets painted on their otherwise naked and nubile chests … what’s not to love?

While some of the photos document the finished pieces, other of Ketchum’s photos tell an editorial story of the paint being applied in stages.

Stories can be fun.  These are.

If you like a light fun book of body paint, I recommend you consider adding “Painting the Body Beautiful: A Showcase of Expert Body Painting” to your library.

You can buy or peruse one at Amazon by clicking here.


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