“Painting Pretty Pictures” by Photographer Rankin – Book Review

Lily Cole, Nude, Sofa, Painted Backdrop, Cover, Painting Pretty Pictures, RankinPainting Pretty Pictures” © 2010 by Photographer Rankin is a thematic photo book with 18 images.

We have reviewed several of Rankins books here on GlamourPhotography.co, see below for a list and links.

The cover image of lovely Lily Cole is repeated in the book interior, sans the title printing across her pretty middle bits.

A thin book, “Painting Pretty Pictures” is less than half an inch thick.

Each interior image has a very high glossy coating.  About the highest quality finish you might find for an in book print.

With the repeated image, we really have 17 photos, all of very beautiful women.

Painting Pretty Pictures” is about 42 pages, hardcovered and at 11 x 9 inches, this little book is about the size of a piece of letter paper … and only the weest bit thicker …

Nice little photo book of glamorous women Rankin has here, all nude to implied nude.

The star studded sleeper cult movie Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassu is where Lily Cole first made it onto my radar in a big way.

The cast included:  Johnny Dep, Christopher Plummer, Jude Law, Heath Ledger and Colin Farrell.  

Lily is stunning in this movie, where she plays Christopher Plummer’s daughter.  She  is often posing deliciously, showing her modeling talents, in scene after surreal scene.

All beautifully of course.

She’s quite the model, Lily.  And, she is part of why I grabbed for this book.

As we look at the shot of Lily, she appears to reclining on a luxurious black leather sofa…

When we look closer, the sofa takes on the appearance of a leather sofa-esque painted canvas backdrop…

All of the shot’s in “Painting Pretty Pictures” are themed on gorgeous models, seated, reclining or laying, on what appears to be a kind of patterned painted background or back drop.

Painting Pretty Pictures, Rankin, Grace, kneeling implied nudeThe background paintings take on forms like satin sheets, or like a leather sofa, on which we see Lily reclined.

Drawn in by the pretty images, when we look closer, our closer look is aided by an – intentional ?? – over painting of perhaps a third of the image backdrops.

Note closely the detail of the overpainting exampled here.

In these over painting examples, we are allowed to see the magic behind Rankin’s art.

Painting Pretty Pictures, Rankin, Grace, overpainting

Forearm & Hand Over Painting in Post Processing

In some of Rankin’s images, the paintings of the backgrounds become part of the foreground, being painted onto or in front of the models, and it’s done in post processing ….

Terrific how he creates such depth in his images, intentionally at times letting us see his method.

Lovely book of lovely photos this.

My personal image preference is where the illusion is kept fully alive;  though  instructively, I am delighted for the few hints Rankin has provided by his over paintings.

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Painting Pretty Pictures” has no or very few words.  On the left page will be the models name, on the opposing page will be the image.  That’s pretty much the whole book.

If you love Rankin or image books of glamour art nudes, short on words and which follow a theme, this is a very cool book at currently quite reasonable pricing.

Painting Pretty Pictures” is available for purchase new or used on Amazon by clicking here.


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