“Paint A’ Licious, The Pain Free Way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitions” by Joanne Gair – Book Review

Paint A' Licious, Paint Alicious, Joanne Gair, Body Paint, Book, Front CoverPaint A’ Licious” is another home run by makeup artist turned body painter Joanne Gair.

Me being a lover of the capturing in photos of the performance art which is body paint, Joanne Gair is my heroine; and, here is a book of her work which shines cover to cover.

I am particularly fond of body paint that paints the subject convincingly into the background and/or is well blended into the context.

From page to page, shot after shot, Gair, along with her photographers, props people and models manage to achieve just this level of exquisite suspension of unreality.

From the cover, where the pretty model is a canvas for peach and red toned roses while standing in front of a rose bed, to the rear cover, of a Scotsman’s buttocks painted in a tartan patterned boxer shorts matching his kilt, which kilt is blowing conveniently up in the wind as he blows his bag pipes towards the sea beyond, the shots are lovely, through and through.

And Gosh Darn-it! …   these photos are just plain fun.

At just under 10 x 9 x 1 inches in size, “Paint A’ Licious” is 128 pages of fun body paint art captured in pictures.

I can’t believe sometimes I’ve seen this book listed for under a buck at Amazon.

Love bodypaint?  Or even like it a bit?

This is an underappreciated and in my opinion the best of Gair’s works, and hands down the most fun.  And Gair is a master at body paint.  So, what we have here is the best of the best.

I have reviewed two other of Gair’s books:

Buy them all.  These are fabulous books …

Oh, you can only pick one?

Of the three, “Body Painting, Masterpieces” and “Paint A’ Licious” are both excellent with “Paint A’ Licious” being my favorite cause its more fun.

In the PAINT” is a very good work, especially for the pure Sports Illustrated fans, and is not in my humble opinion Gair’s best work.  Though what were are talking about here is picking the best of the best.  All three of these volumes are great.

Love paint?  Then you gotta have Gair.

Paint A’ Licious” is the must have, funnest and amazingly inexpensive body paint photo book.

Buy or peruse one (there is a free ‘Look Inside” preview) on Amazon by clicking here.


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