“Nylon Girls” – Erotic Fashion Photography © 2010 by Christine Kessler, with introduction by Eric Kroll a Book Review

'Nylon Girls', by Christine Kessler - with Introduction - by Eric Kroll - Erotic Fashion Photography - Front Cover, blonde, heals up, open mouthed, gaping mouth, red lipstick, red puffy lips, camel toe, garters, red nylon stockings, red seamed stockings, platform shoes, Nylon Girls” © 2010 by Christine Kessler, with a quinta lingual one page introduction by Erotic Photographer Eric Kroll, has in fine print at top of cover, “Erotic Fashion Photography.”

The Amazon product description of “Nylon Girls” is sparse and ending promisingly with, “A dish to be savoured over and over.”  This little quote is probably a fair percentage of the total text of “Nylon Girls“, and in my view

is a somewhat overly generous portrayal of what this book really provides…

In any event, I shelled out.

Nylon Girls” currently runs about $17-15 new or preowned, plus shipping.

This little book is about 7″x5″x1/2″ in size and just over 110 pages in length. About 100 of these pages are crammed full of images, by Christine. Who in a one paragraph bio shares with us that she lives with her dogs in Los Angeles, and has been pregnant with camera from the age of 15. Prolific, this is not her first book. Her first being “Pervy Girls” © 2007. Evidently, “Pervy Girls” must be the book to own, as it goes for from $119 used to almost $600 new…?!

Well, with the glowing review, the Eric Kroll forward, I thought, it has to be good right?

Eric’s fav photo here is on page 89, saying of the light pink, latex covered leg there in, “that leg could hold up my world perfectly.” I believe there might have been a “humping” reference as well… Well, I love Eric’s work, so who am I to argue, thinks I…?

My favorite photo is in fact on page 16. There are two photos on this page.  Buy the book. We’ll talk about which is the fav.

This book is really a picture book.   Except for the briefest of intros, and a very short bio, and some credits for models and such, the book is all photos.

What makes for great art or a killer photo is very subjective.  The photos themselves, I personally did not find to be of the highest artistic level.  Nor did I find them to be of the highest erotic level.

IMHO, the best photo is possibly the one on the front cover, of the leggy blonde lovely, with her spiky platformed heals well up over her gaping open-mouthed head …

And nothing else, for me, came close to being of similar quality, art photographically …

What “Nylon Girls“is is … sound like Bill Clinton there, yes?

… anyway, what we have is a book of photographs of EROTIC FASHIONs.

In my opinion, the reason to buy this book is, if you are a lover of Erotic Fashions, this is sort of like a Sears Catalog of Erotic Fashion and Fetish Fashion photos.   Snap shots kinda.

Emphasis on key word:  Fashion.

But lots and lots of corsets, stockings, nylons, garters, vinyl, high heals, patterned see through nothings, unmentionables, panties, get the picture?

Colors, shapes, fish nets, and pretties wearing them, or almost wearing them.

Might be a good book for a costumer or fetish wear lover, or for fetish wear ideas.

What “Nylon Girls” does do well is showing some really cool fetish fashions, especially nylons, in photos…

You may buy or peruse one by clicking here.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Actually, I loved this book – but then I am a bit of a nylon – er, enthusiast, and I’m also hugely fond of pinup/fetish model Mosh, who’s on the cover. It’s next on my list to review, I think. I also have Pervy Girls – which is fun, but some pics go a little beyond my appreciation of mild fetish/latex wear!

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