“Master Guide For Glamour Photography: Digital Techniques and Images” by Chris Nelson – Book Review

Master Guide for Glamour Photography - Digital Techniques and Images by Chris Nelson CoverMaster Guide For Glamour Photography:  Digital Techniques and Images” by Chris Nelson is largely a kind of ‘how to’ guide for running a glamour photography business.

Chris touches on many aspects of the Glamour photography business including:

  • use of initial client interviews & questionnaires
  • different types of shoots, like a wet look and pre wedding glamour shoot of the bride
  • post processing for glamour
  • basic lighting considerations for glamour
  • some good words on posing

This book is an easy read and contains shots of women, many if not most of whom seem not to be professional models, much like one might see in an actual glamour photography business.

You know, the better looking than average to gorgeous Jane, out to have herself look her best in photos, and has plopped down a few hundred bucks to get some nice nudes and boudoir shots done for her significant others and other such lucky lookers.

Some of the really cool ideas here that I came away with were on doing some skin enhancements in post processing using diffused glow to make skin pop wonderfully.

Master Guide For Glamour Photography” is an easy to read, follow and digest book.

Nelson writes with a very clear and clean style and has included ample images as pertinent examples to accompany his text.

This is not the last book you’ll ever need on glamour photography; but, “Master Guide For Glamour Photography” is a good beginners book or a fast read for touch up for the more experienced photographer looking to brush up or branch into glamour.

Many topics are covered, though none in enough depth to make one an expert in any area.

The approach is more of the broad strokes kind.

Most bits of posing elements are touched lightly.

As such, “Master Guide For Glamour Photography” may be of most interest for those just toeing into glamour.

Master Guide For Glamour Photography” may be bought or perused on Amazon by clicking here.

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