“Hot Cheeks” by Martin Sigrist (Editor) – Book Review

Hot Cheeks, Martin Sigrist,Photo Book ,Front Cover, Art Nudes, Butts, Butt CheeksHot Cheeks” by Martin Sigrist is short on words and long on images with samples of work from 30 photographers.

Text is a sparse bit of bilingual, English and German, at the beginning of each photographer profiled.

One paragraph on the photographers bio, one paragraph saying the barest minimum about shooting style and their contact info.

Pretty much the rest of this 396 page hard cover volume is photographs
of cheeky lasses.

Examples of interior images are available through an Amazon preview of the soft cover version by clicking here.

Photographers whose works are exhibited:

  • Jimon Aframian
  • Tamara Amhoff-Windeler
  • Anna & Barney
  • Pascal Baetens
  • Jens Brüggenmann
  • Jean-Paul Four
  • Christian Gomez
  • Christian Grünewald
  • Rolf W. Hapke
  • Uwe Harder
  • Herbert W. Hesselmann
  • Roman Kasperski
  • Ralph Kerpa
  • Chas Ray Krider
  • Borys S. Kurylo
  • Peter Legler
  • Thomas Meyer
  • Richard Murrian
  • Simon Nicolai
  • Alexander Paulin
  • Michael Pecha
  • Jörg Skarabis
  • Matthias Stolt
  • Paul von Stroheim
  • Gorden Thye
  • Herve de Varez
  • Frank P. Wartenberg
  • Otto R. Weisser

Technically, Anna & Barney are a 12 year team of collaborators at press time.

Anna is a stylist and model and Barney is the photographer working behind the camera.

My copy is the 2006 Zürich 3rd Edition.  The first edition is copyright 2003 by Edition Skylight.

In hard copy, the book is about 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.25 inches.

The photo quality of many of the images are quite excellent in terms of pose, setting, lights etc.

I intend on using the photographer contact details to see about adding some of the “Hot Cheeks’” photographer’s recent works to other articles within this blogs photographer profiles.

The photos in “Hot Cheeks” tend to show the cheekier side of ladies, usually quite nude, from a variety of angles.

Fetish content is light, with the occasional garter, corset or vinyl snuck in here or there.

Mostly just butt cheeks, from the front, back, sides, upside down and sideways.  Black and white and color.  Lots and lots of photos.

Love photos of butts where the butt is not always the only thing in the photo?  Then “Hot Cheeks” may be your book.

The photos’ flavors tend rather more towards artistic and editorial than erotic.  Though the erotic are certainly included.

A picture being worth a 1000 words, Amazon currently provides a views of several of the interior images of the paperback (soft cover) version in its listing.

For a view of some interior photos available on Amazon, click here  for the soft cover, then click on the “see larger images and other views” link on the Amazon page.

To view or purchase the hard cover version on Amazon, click here.


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