“Garage Glamour” Digital Nude and Beauty Photography Made Simple by Rolando Gomez – Book Review

garage glamour cover, rolando gomez, photography book, glamour photography book, glamour photography guide, photographing women guide, nude photography guideGarage Glamour” was one of my first photographic book acquisitions in my recent reincarnation of glamour photography.

Rolando Gomez has a formulaic way of producing photography books.

So, many of hisbooks repeat, often in similar langauge what are in others of his books.

My Gomez library contains several volumes, to see reviews of the others see:

Still, this being one of my first books, and being written at a fairly rudimentary level, I got a fair bit out of this book.

Sized like a thick magazine with 128 pages, this soft cover volume of course contains tips for working with models, and such.

For example, the lighting, lenses and exposure details for photos were explained in explicit sidebars.

These kind of tips are always a boon to one new to a photo genre.

They made it easier for me, when initially studying light, to determine how light and light modifiers acted, particularly with women as subjects.

The study of light is essential to photography.  For glamour photography, or the photography of women, this aspect of “Garage Glamour” alone might be worth the price of purchase for the photographer seeking to enter or expand their knowledge in this area.

I actually did assemble “The Poor Man’s Light” setup Gomez describes in chapter 6.

Continuous Florescent Tube Lighting, Shoot Through Square, 48", 48 inch, 4 foot, 4', blonde glamour photo, poka dot hat

Continuous Light Shoot Through Florescent Tubes - Note the Catch Lights in Eyes

The example here was taken using this lighting setup.

I find the light pleasing, the catch lights interesting, and being continuous light, it allows shooting very quickly.

This can be a useful “ice breaker” light to shoot new models and clients.

We can shoot using a flattering light, several shots in rapid succession.

As soon as we get a few good shots, and the model sees these results… their confidence improves, they relax, and the shoots gets immediately more productive and fun, yay!

Garage Glamour” is an excellent purchase for the photographer getting into the photography of women who would like to know more about how to work with and light them.

Click here to peruse or buy one at Amazon.

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