“Ellie Vayo’s Guide to Boudoir Photography” – Book Review

Guide to Boudoir Photography, front coverOn first look, “Guide to Boudoir Photography” by professional Boudoir Photographer Ellie Vayo of Mentor, Ohio looks like some pretty poor piece of work…

Then, if you take the time, you look beneath this initial layer, and see that business sense, that knowledge of her customers and market, that marketing genius, which Ellie shares, and which savvy has made boudoir a successful part of her overall portraiture business in little ole Mentor, OH for decades.

Ellie view of the business of photography is icing on the cake baked in Jeff Smith’s excellent “Posing for Portrait Photography” – to read review click here.

While the photos in “Guide to Boudoir Photography” are often of a quality that I personally would be less than proud to take credit for, I wish I had half the business sense Ellie has.

Guide to Boudoir Photography

Center Photo, Clearly unflattering, of a very attractive woman, looking small breasted and large waisted

Her portraiture operation is a machine, from web site to, to client questionnaires, to slide shows, to production, retouching, product sales, even cosmetics sales… everything in her studio and client flow is part of a smoothly flowing cash machine.

Nude in Waterfall

Vayo is capable of beautiful boudoir as here of this nude in waterfall

And, it seems cash her clients are very happy to part with.

Boudoir Website

Ellie's web site, Note the sparseness and before images, which on her site change to contrasting after images

So, Ellie is delivering value to people who appreciate her work.

And she has been for years.

If you would like to get a handle on what makes for a successful Boudoir Photography business, you gotta read books like “Guide to Boudoir Photography.”

There are many of us photographers who put out a product, so full of quality, and so thin a market, that it is hurtful to our development as professionals.

Ellie shows you how to be a professional, how to approach Boudoir as a business.

How to be paid for value delivered.

Boudoir Makeup

Boudoir Makeup Sales Promotions, everything at Ellie's is a moneymaker

While I feel she spends too much time on things like a chapter related to employee handbook, SHE HAS EMPLOYEES, and needs a handbook.

Guide to Boudoir Photography Rear CoverGood for her, and perhaps good for you if you read her book and take its lessons to heart.

If you wish to take better boudoir photos, this may not be the book for you.  “Guide to Boudoir Photography” is not really about how to take photos.  While there are some useful tips for all, for beginners it’s a bit too rushed past purely photographic issues.  For those more advanced, the clear lesson is, quality of photography itself is not what the boudoir business and dream is necessarily about;  on the other hand, a professional presentation and variety of set choices may be deal clinchers and money makers.

If you wish to provide clients a boudoir portraiture service they are pleased to have and to pay for, “Guide to Boudoir Photography” is a must read on considerations for setting up the business and logistical side of your boudoir offerings.

To buy “Guide to Boudoir Photography” new or used on Amazon, click here.



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