“Ed Fox Volume 2” by Photographer Ed Fox – Book Review

Ed Fox II, Ed Fox Volume 2, Front CoverEd Fox II” is like a hardcover box of chocolates… It comes wrapped in plastic and you don’t know what’s inside until you tear past the protective wrapping.

Inside is a photo book of erotic fetish photos.  12 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches in size, 280 pages long and sporting a hard cover, this is a book of photos.  Usually one photo to a page, or occasionally a photo might be spread across two pages.

There is just a touch of model credits in a couple pages in the back and a touch of writing on the dust jacket.

Also, there is a bit of multilingual text in the first 20 pages.

The images range in scale from art nudes to erotic nudes to fetish nudes, and yes, depending on your tastes and fiber, there are pornish nudes.

There is quite a bit of excellently done foot fetish.

Foot Fetish, Bare Feet, Painted Toe Nails, Red Toe Nails, Bare Feet in a carThat twenty pages of multilingual text in the front of the book … it’s entitled “State of the Feet Report.”

If you love foot fetish, this may be one you might like to have.  Though “Ed Fox Volume II” is by no means limited to foot fetish.

There are glass toys, and women, and groups and penetrations and bondage and such.

There are also various shots, which to my tastes, go beyond art to gratuitous, in terms of spread shots and penetrations by glass, etc.

Bare Under side of foot, foot fetish, self fingering, blonde bareNot that shots like these cannot be artistic.

My tastes in erotic art are generally wide.

I also believe art is in the eye of the beholder.

Large Puffy NipplesThis said, and while I feel there are certainly some great art shots in “Ed Fox II“, several shots seem to me very much XXX men’s magazine-ish, more so than art-ish.

If into foot fetish, there are some pretty well done treatments of this genre.

If you are open to a men’s magazine approach, thrown in with your fetish art, maybe give this a try.

There is also a DVD containing video, inside the back cover.  Fetish, XXX, Adult.  A couple of behind the scenes special features, largely with foot fetish themes running throughout.

The DVD main feature is erotic/porn-ish vignettes, again keeping with the overall themes of the book.  Quite XXX, 18+.

On the DVD, Ed decries how the explosion in free images and outright piracy on the internet have cut into sales.

While the production quality in “Ed Fox II” is quite high, if Ed were to focus his obvious skills more narrowly on the art aspects, away from the purely erotic, he might be providing a higher degree of value to today’s more relaxed market.  Today, almost anyone can, and does take shots with their cell phones and DSLRs to share with lovers and friends.

Ed’s talent is above this level, and yet he seems frequently to let his art quality lax toward the purely prurient.

What is uniquely Ed is his eye and obvious ability to hit the mark.  Thus, many images in “Ed Fox II” do indeed hit the mark.  Though hitting the mark was nothing like a strict requirement for inclusion.

If you are more a lover of pure art nudes, this may not be the book for you.

Still, one often must find what one likes from each artist, and there are definitely images here to like, particularly in the foot fetish genre.

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