David Busch’s “Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” – Book Review

David Busch's Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography Front CoverNikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” by David Busch was for me an invaluable resource to understanding and navigating the complexities of my Nikon D90.  The D90 DX format sensor camera is not my first Nikon.  I had used for several years a Nikon D70 DX Digital SLR and before that a Nikon FE 35mm Film camera from the late 1970’s.

With an engineering and computer science degrees, and some foundation in photography, I still found myself at considerable loss pondering the labyrinth like maze of the Nikon Instruction Manual supplied with the D90 and the D70 before that.

Frankly, the Nikon FE, and film cameras generally, were much less complex pieces of gear to operate than today’s Digital SLRs, and by considerably wide margins.

Sure something must be able to shorten the digital learning curve, I looked for help.

Written with photographers skill levels, “Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” by David Busch is laid out beginning with setting up the camera.  Having used the D90 for over a year, I still learned things about setting up my camera.  While the Nikon Manual does cover much material on using the camera, the manual is written for people who largely do not need it.  That is, there is very little background depth to the manufacturer’s manual for those of us needing to know a little bit more about what for instance a particular feature is.

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Before buying “Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography,”  I reviewed in a book store the various book options.

I liked the blend of depth, clarity and illustration that “Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” provided.

Areas where it has been particularly helpful to me is in understanding more about focus modes and switching between them.  This has helped me to ensure that the eyes I prefer generally to be in focus are in focus, something that is not as often the case as I would like using the standard area autofocus modes.

Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” is available in paper back, new and used, from Amazon (click here).

At 379 pages, the book is substantial. Yet, this is what is required to cover the broad range of issues required to gain a whole grasp of the D90.

While this in not a cover to cover reader, it is a useful reference that can be taken into the field where one may not be able to do a google blog search to find out just how to get the right flash sync modes set.

For instance, it explains which menu to use to set the High-Speed (FP) Sync mode. Explains how this works. And, explains that the flash unit fires at a lower power when using this mode. I did not know that… maybe you did. If you know all this stuff, you may not need a guide to your camera. If you find yourself doing google search after search, nice to have an easy to read guide-book like “Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography“.

Book is a fairly easy read when used as a reference.  Not light reading and not a leisure read.

The shortcoming is primarily in size.   Book is necessarily huge, printed on heavy quality paper stock.  Not easy to carry in a camera bag.

That said, I found the book is very worth while and my only sorrow is I waited a year after buying the camera to get the book.

I’m thinking of upgrading to a Nikon D7000.  While the D90 and D7000 are very similar, if I do upgrade, I very well may order the “David Busch’s Nikon D7000 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” at the same time.

I highly recommend “Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography” for all photographers owning or buying a Nikon D90 who wish to learn how to use the features of their cameras proficiently and without the frustration that occurs when aimlessly fumbling through menus and definitely for the newbies among us. This includes film to digital converts. It is a whole new world in digital.

Click here to peruse or buy one at Amazon.


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