“Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” – Book Review

Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” is one of those how to manuals on photoshop that I actually was able to learn a bit from.  Many of the books on photoshop are reference books full of keystroke shortcuts and other lists useful to help find a particular short cut or something.

Still most of these are near impossible to read, being laid out like dictionaries, where if you do not know how to spell the word you are looking for, good luck finding it.

It may well be advisable to have one of these reference type photoshop books in your library.  I find I often know how to do something, and yet cannot remember the keystrokes.

Still, it is a head scratcher trying to remember what a thing might be called in order to look up which menu or short cut it is hidden under…

These referency type books are generally as next to useless for actually learning how to actually use photoshop as a dictionary is in learning how to write.

They just seem to kind of help … if you already know pretty much what to do.

For actually learning some photoshop, guides like “Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” can be somewhat useful.

I have seen some different versions of similar guides and preferred this one because of how it laid out layers in a fairly clear fashion.

Prior to this, layers had been almost a complete mystery for me.

While “Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” is currently out of print, you may be able to find a used copy or one of its similar sister publications at Amazon by clicking here.

Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” itself is well illustrated, clear, concise and includes a CD with brief tutorials (very helpful though too few) and exercise photo files to go along with the manipulation examples in the text.

While I might recommend one tries a resource like this, for those of us who must try reading as a way of learning, these photoshop guide books are pricy things at around $25-$50 plus tax/shipping each.

If you must, you can find the latest versions of this guide or perhaps locate a used one at Amazon by clicking here.

For me though, as I have stated elsewhere, for the $25 per month or $250 per year that Lynda charges for access to its full video instructional library, the Lynda learning experience is more effective and less expensive than any books (at $25 plus a pop) or mish mosh of available YouTube videos I have tried.   And yes, I have tried many of each.

In fact, many of the best YouTubes are free Lynda instructional sample videos as excerpted from actual Lynda Photoshop training programs.

Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” is compatible with Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4.

Lynda has  separate video libraries for CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5.  When CS6 comes out, betcha they have a libraries created for that one as well.

To navigate and see some free instructional videos along with a tour of the libraries, this Lynda CS5 library page link will get you to Lynda’s base master page of the Photoshop CS5 lessons.  Then navigate away to find and experience the several free samples.

A free trial experience of the entire video library is also available by clicking the link below or cruise Lynda by clicking one of the banner links on this blogs pages.

As much as I did find “Creative Learning TV: Beginner’s Photoshop” more useful than what I had tried before it, … use the Lynda free trial link … It’s free.

For learning Photoshop, I recommend Lynda over, above and beyond this or any books, magazines or guides I have tried to date.


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