“Braziliangels” Brazilian Beauties in Brazilian Locations by Joaquim Nabuco – Book Review

Brazilangels, Front Cover, Deyse Krieger, Nude Profile, Nipple Profile, Breast Profile,  Rhinestone Bling Makeup, Bling Makeup, Rhinestone Makeup, Joaquim, NabucoJoaquim Nabuco is a third generation Brazilian lawyer turned photographer. Born 1962 in Rio de Janeiro, he has a photography studio and business in Sao Paulo.

He has won awards.  Nice.

Shot for “Trip” Brazil’s premier men’s magazine.  Cool.

BraziliAngels” is a compilation of Joaquim’s journeys into this realm of beautiful women in beautiful surroundings.

Over a 5 year period, while traveling to the most scenic interior and exterior locations the vastness of Brazil had to offer, Joaquim shot beautiful women for which his country is rightly famous.

Written in English, at 12″ x 9″ x 1″ in size, 192 pages and just under 4 pounds, this is good-sized coffee table book of photos of women.

Nude, jiboia, snake, Weza, Brazilian woman, dark skin, long nappy hair nude, bare, buttocks, butt, brown skin, dark skinned, chocolate skin, mocha skin, orange and tan snake, red diamond pattern snake, orange diamond pattern snake, very long curly black hair, waist long dark hair, railing, nature nude, green foliage, balconyThe vast majority of the book is of full-page sized and two page sized spread pictures of lovely women.

BraziliAngels, Back Cover, Anne, Papagaio Island, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Joaquim Nubuco, Implied Nude, Sea Shells, black and white, beach, sea urchinsThe subjects ranges from nude, close to nude, sometimes in twos, indoors, outdoors, black and white and color.

Photography style and values are like those of high quality fashiony Playboyesque editorials.

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On the other hand, if you have affinity for the higher quality editorial style layouts “Playboy Magazine” will have from time to time, in combination with themes of Brazilian beauties and locales, then “BraziliAngels” probably appeals to your tastes.

Notice the woman on the cover made up in bling?

Welcome to Deyse Krieger.

Deyse is a Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist and Model.  In addition to the cover, she also graces several interior shots in “BraziliAngels“.  This is as it should be, as Deyse is Joaquim’s muse and wife.

Way to go Joaquim!

Jacke, Nude, Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Satin Sheets, very long dark hair, Brazilian, woman, beauty, joaquim nabuco, dark landing strip, landing stripThe rest of the book?  Full page and two page spreads of Deyse and something like 30 plus other models fill page after page …. till a few pages at the end.

At the end, there are like a couple of pages of bio followed by photo credits.

Beyond this, the book is all beautiful photos of beautiful women, in beautiful places.

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