‘Boob Mania’ by Martin Sigrist (Editor) – Book Review

Boob Mania, Martin Sigrist, Craig Morey, Front Cover, Pink and black striped tie nude, blonde with big boobsBoob Mania‘ by Martin Sigrist is short on words and long on images with samples of work from approximately 40 photographers.

Text is a sparse bit of bilingual, English and German, at the beginning of each photographer profiled.

One paragraph on the photographers bio, one paragraph saying the barest minimum about shooting style and their contact info.

Pretty much the rest of this 396 page 9″ x 7″ x 1.5″ semi hard cover volume is photographs
of women and their boobs.

The cover is a kind of reinforced soft cover. Flexible and semi-rigid at the same time.

Boob Mania, Rear coverExamples of interior images are available through an Amazon preview by clicking here.

Do not be mislead by the preview at Amazon.

While Sigrist’s other title ‘Hot Cheeks‘ is indeed substantially a photo book from a cheeky angle, and though ‘Boob Mania‘ manages to sneak in the boobs, on pretty much every shot.

Shots are not predominantly of the rather largish Big’un variety the Amazon preview, or the book cover might have you believe.

Big Boobs Nude, Black and White, Seated NudeThese are photos of women photographed from every conceivable angle and in various states of dress, from fully dressed to fully undressed.

In short, this Edition Skylight book treats the subject of boobs by their inclusion in photos, not necessarily by making them anything like the focus of the photo.

In short, this is not a boob centric book.

So, what we have are photos, of women, with their chest somehow in the photo, dressed, and bare, from all angles.

Photos, mainly nude, of women, with boobs.

The photo styles vary depending on photographer,  from editorial, to glamour, to pin-up, to art nude, to the occasionally erotic/fetish.

woman nude on table, kneeling nude on table, kneeling nude from rearThe photography quality seems to range from something like advanced amateur to seasoned professional – Craig Morey for example is represented.

While I like the idea of including the same or similar item in every shot as a way of putting together a collection, and boobs are certainly a good choice …  I feel Martin has missed the mark here by the overall quality of images chosen.

This volume is published in 2010.  The Morey photos are good but like 10 years old.  The bar, in my mind, is higher than what Sigrist has hurdled here.

If you love the idea of boobs somehow being represented in every shot, maybe buy this one …

Personally, I much preferred ‘Hot Cheeks‘ – to see my review click here.

To buy or preview ‘Boob Mania‘ on Amazon, click here.

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