“Blood & Dishonour: The Dark, Bloody and Perversely Erotic World of the Satanic Sluts” Edited by Nigel Wingrove – Book Review

Blood & Dishonour, by, Nigel Wingrove, Front, CoverBlood & Dishonour“, yes they misspelled Dishonor, it’s a British thing… is a book of fetish photography and interviews of fetish models.

Most of the photos inside are artistic, in that they evoke feelings and emotion in the viewer.

The fetish genres depicted include:  Latex, Bondage, Satanic Ritual, Vampires, Blood, Corsets, Gothic, Self Mutilation, etc.

There are some samples of the interior photos avail for view on Amazon by clicking here; however, the samples on Amazon tend to be the lighter, tamer, more ‘main stream’ fetishes.

Others photos are by contrast tamed down to racy pin-up styles or to high fashion feels.

Many of the images have depictions of abuse of self and others, including restraints and blood which might be quite disturbing to most viewers.

Most shots are in the middle range of fetish,  somewhere in between this wide apart extremes in range.

At 168 pages and about 11 x 9 x 0.6 inches, “Blood & Dishonour“, is rather the size of a thick magazine with a soft book cover.  Paper and image qualities are good.

Picture sizes range from a couple inches to full and two page spreads with pictures making up about 85% of the books contents.   About half the pages have full sized or larger photos.

Most of the rest of the interior space is text bios of the models.

There are 36 models’ works and bios profiled.

The model’s bios contain details about their lives, childhoods, inspirations, thoughts on minor and major issues of the day, etc.

These models are from around the world, including New Zealand, The UK, Holland, New York, USA, etc.

Each model has an ‘SS’ name and number…

The first ‘S’ in ‘SS’ here refers to Satan, as in Satanic Sluts…

While perhaps not a direct reference to Hitler’s SS,  yes, it does seem a play on acronyms and many of these images are very very dark indeed.

In fact, page 6 is a bust up shot of two women, one of whom is behind the other.  The woman in the back is dressed seemingly in only a Nazi officer’s hat and is doing a vampire-ish job to the neck and shoulders of the nude woman to her front.  This woman in front is dripping in a rapture of her own blood…

Blood & Dishonour” has ‘blood’ in its title and in the contents and liberally mixes erotic and often offensive visual metaphors freely.

If you are offended by blood, Nazis, satanic rituals, etc., especially in combination with an erotic fetishy flair, this book may be well avoided. The previews at Amazon do not begin to touch the depths to which this volume plunges.

If you are a fetish follower and are okay with viewing, flipping past, or dare one mention, a fan of the goreier side of fetish, “Blood and Dishonour” may be an interesting or inspiring addition to your collection.

To peruse (there is a free preview of some sample interior pages) or buy a copy on Amazon, click here.

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