“BEYOND THE GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPH: How to Get Started and Be Successful as a Boudoir, Glamour, and Swimsuit Photographer: With Companion DVD” by Jack Watson, with Andy McFarland, Foreword by Rolando Gomez – Book Review

Beyond the Glamour Photograph, how to get started and be successful as a Boudoir, Glamour and Swimsuit Photographer, Andy McFarland, Jack Watson, hot blonde with lear get, hot blonde with G4, Gulf Streem Jet with hot blondeBEYOND THE GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPH: How to Get Started and Be Successful as a Boudoir, Glamour, and Swimsuit Photographer: With Companion DVD,” by Jack Watson, with Andy McFarland, Foreword by Rolando Gomez,”  this book has a long title… Let’s trim that down to “Beyond the Glamour Photograph,” okay?

Jack Watson and Andy McFarland have cooperated on this book together.  Most of the writing is by Jack, who shots a great deal using studio lights and with flash on location.

Andy, by contrast, shoots almost entirely using daylight along with lighting modifiers and has quite a success photographing bathing suits and with on-line download for fee sites…

While markets and technologies change, written in 2009, the advise still seems fairly timely.

Of widely differing styles, both these photographers have some excellent skills as demonstrated by the many glamour illustrations within “Beyond the Glamour Photograph.”

Glamour Photography, Glamour Blonde Photograph, Red Dress, SexyFor aspiring photographers of glamour, glamour photography being the photographing of women, making women look beautiful, sensual to sexy… glamorous, think Maxim to Playboy as a general broad range, who are interested in turning from amateur to pro, “Beyond the Glamour Photograph” might be a handy resource to add to your library.

There are tips on shooting, and the video in the back, showing both Jack in the studio shooting a model with a car and Andy at the beach shooting using available light, alone are worth the price of the book for someone interested to know how to work with beautiful models shooting glamour.

Glamour Fashion, Commercial Glamour

Glamour style shot for commercial product placement, in this case jewelry.

Additionally, the real leg up is in the several tips for generating business and revenues from your love of glamour photography.

While not in-depth in any particular dimension of marketing, Jack gives ideas for how to get business from local business, how to market to national publications, and other insights into monetization opportunities… for example by expanding the definition of glamour to include commercial product placement photography using glamorous shots of women in advertizing.

Beyond the Glamour Photograph, blonde with collarIncluded are several glossaries.  In  these, Jack explains a number of terms used in various business segments of glamour photography.   For example, he defining things like what the “Managing Editor” title means at a magazine publisher and what a “Zed Card” is used for by models.

Amazon has a Look Inside Preview, which covers much of Chapter 1.  Chapter one is not my favorite part of “Beyond the Glamour Photograph.”

For me the meat and potatoes are from Chapter 2 onward.

What separates amateur from pro in photography is getting paid.

At 8.5 x 11 x 1 inches  in size with 288 paper bound pages, “Beyond the Glamour Photograph” provides many idea and resources to aid the aspiring professional photographer increase his business opportunities.

If you are look for these kinds of ideas, along with a few glamour photography shooting tips, “Beyond the Glamour Photograph” may be for you.

You can buy “Beyond the Glamour Photograph” and or check out the free Look Inside Preview on Amazon by clicking here.







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